Precision Dentistry Shares Tips for Enjoying Halloween Candy — and Avoiding Tooth Decay

Precision Dentistry reveals some advice for enjoying the trick-or-treating season, while also ensuring proper oral hygiene.

The trick-or-treating season is here at last — and with it, kids across the country are raking in big hauls of candy. These sweets make for a fun and festive holiday, but they are not without their risks. Specifically, many parents worry that a candy overload will cause their kids’ dental health to decline. Precision Dentistry — a family dental practice located in Columbia, Maryland — offers some tips for parents who want to help their kids enjoy Halloween, but also avoid tooth decay.

“First and foremost, we are not anti-candy,” the practice states. “We want kids to really enjoy this fun time of the year. With that said, it is important to exercise some basic oral hygiene, ensuring that a big haul of candy doesn’t result in cavities or other problems.”

The longer candy residue remains on the teeth, the more likely it will result in tooth decay.


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The most important thing for kids to do is brush shortly after they enjoy their candy. “The longer candy residue remains on the teeth, the more likely it will result in tooth decay,” comments Precision Dentistry. “That’s because all that sugar is metabolized by bacteria on the teeth, rendering it as something highly acidic — eating into the teeth and causing big problems. But brushing and flossing before that process begins can effectively mitigate this risk.”

Parents should also know that some types of candy present greater dental risks than others. “Chocolate is really the best option, simply because it’s so easy to wipe off the teeth,” Precision Dentistry notes. “Meanwhile sticky or gummy candies tend to linger longer and pose some bigger risks.” Sugar-free candies also exist and may present parents with some good options to consider.

Finally, Precision Dentistry affirms the importance of routine dental maintenance. “Hopefully, your kids have their teeth professionally cleaned and evaluated at least twice a year,” the practice says. “If not, now is as good a time as any to schedule an appointment.”

With these tips in mind, parents can ensure that their kids have a fun Halloween season, complete with lots of candy — and absent any tooth decay or other serious dental issues.

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