Ladera Ranch Real Estate Just Got a Little Easier

The real estate industry in Ladera Ranch, CA just got an interesting twist thrown into it. Even though purchasing a home or selling a home can be a long and taxing process, Ladera Ranch Real Estate Agent, Amy Sims, has changed the game a bit. Amy Sims recently announced that she has purchased a moving truck that she is making available for free to those who buy or sell a home through her. Ladera Ranch Real Estate will never be the same.

While purchasing a new home in Ladera Ranch is always exciting, it can also come with its fair share of headaches. From the process of finding a house, to being qualified for a loan, most buyers are fairly exhausted by the time closing day comes around.

In the last few weeks before closing, buyers and sellers are typically focused on the long list of things that are happening to ensure the sale can go through, including inspections, reviews, escrow, and many other tasks. While buying or selling your Ladera Ranch real estate is exciting, most people are quite exhausted by this point. Finally, closing day comes around and if everything goes as planned, you find yourself the proud new owner of a beautiful new home in the wonderful city of Ladera Ranch.

Unfortunately, the celebration comes to an abrupt end when you realize that you now have to move everything you own from your current home to the new one. While this seems like enough of a daunting task, now you have to decide which of your friends has the pickup truck with the biggest bed or which moving company you are going to rent a truck from in order to move all of your belongings. It’s at this point that your real estate dreams start to feel a lot more like a nightmare.

That is, of course, unless the real estate agent you are working with is local resident and Ladera Ranch real estate expert, Amy Sims. She has decided that it is not enough to just find her buyers a new home or to sell the homes of her clients. She has taken it upon herself to make sure the selling or buying process goes well beyond closing day. This act that is very much in line with the way she runs her entire Ladera Ranch real estate business, which includes adding massive value long before becoming your official agent and ends long after closing day comes around. Now that she is handling this important aspect of the sale in addition to everything else, the only question remaining is what Amy Sims has in store for 2016. As a female business owner in Orange County, California, Amy Sims is again demonstrating why she is one of the top real estate agents in Orange County.

It is things like this which have consistently pushed her real estate business in Ladera Ranch to higher levels. As in any business, when you focus on adding value and doing everything you can to help your clients get what they want, it is easy to see that you can get what you want in the process. As an entrepreneur and Orange County Business Coach, Arman Sadeghi of Titanium Success  says "Stories like this get me excited about business all over again. After 23 years of owning businesses and over a decade of coaching other entrepreneurs, this act of Ladera Ranch real estate genius put a big smile on my face and reminded me why I love being an entrepreneur."

Sadeghi is not the only one noticing this act is a game-changer in the industry. Since her announcement a few weeks ago, inquiries have been coming into her office from people all over Orange County who are looking to move to Ladera Ranch or those who want to sell their Ladera Ranch Home. Many of the people inquiring are not even interested in the moving truck, instead, they want to be represented by someone who cares enough about her clients to take actions like this. For years, the best businesses in the world have offered over-the-top service and offered small gestures to show how much they truly care about their clients. Nordstrom, for example, has all of their sales people walk around the counter to personally hand all bags to clients. At the Ritz Carlton, employees walk clients down the hall to directly point them to the elevator instead of just providing directions. Much like those who stay at the Ritz Carlton or shop at Nordstrom, Ladera Ranch Real Estate owners and those looking to buy a home in Ladera Ranch are in for a treat this holiday season with a special touch by Amy Sims.

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