As Google Disables More Ads in 2015, Businesses Must Focus on Content

​According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, Google disabled more ads in 2015 than in 2014. In fact, it was almost 50 percent more. As Google toughens up its stance on ads, the focus for businesses seeking to win new customers must be on website promotion in other ways. Namely, this strategy will be on SEO and creating content.

As Arman Sadeghi says in his podcast on The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake Businesses Make, SEO isn’t glamorous but it creates “free traffic for life.” Google rewards sites with outstanding content while punishing those that try to gain customers through more dubious methods.

If you have a $10,000 budget, less than $1000 should be on creating the website and the rest on bringing traffic. This is true if your budget is $1000 or $1 million

Arman Sadeghi, Peak Performance Coach, Speaker

“The absolute number of bad ads is going up as is the total number of ads we show,” stated Tom Siegel, who is the vice president of the Trust & Security group for Google. Ads that were blocked often promoted counterfeit items. However, some ads had to be removed because they prevented users from viewing other content or caused them to accidentally click on an ad when they were trying to close it or move around it.

Google employs people to search through ads to determine which ones are misleading or promote unapproved items. In 2015, many of the ads removed were from weight-loss products offering impossible claims. The search engine giant then changed its algorithm to prevent future ads from appearing.

Instead of looking to ads to bring in new customers, businesses must focus on how to promote their website and increase traffic. As Arman Sadeghi of Titanium Success tells followers, marketing departments should follow the 10 to 1 rule in their budgets. For every $1 spent on creating a website, $10 should be spent on promoting it.

Sadeghi advises against trying to make a website beautiful and uses his own site for Titanium Success as an example. Though it may not be as flashy as other sites, it receives a substantial amount of traffic each month. Research shows that flashy, busy websites have lower conversion rates than simple sites because visitors get distracted from the purpose of being on the site.

Rather than putting the entire budget into developing a website, it’s better to put most of the money to promotion. As Sadeghi says, “If you have a $10,000 budget, less than $1000 should be on creating the website and the rest on bringing traffic. This is true if your budget is $1000 or $1 million.”

Promotion consists of search engine optimization, social media and creating amazing content which appeals to the intended audience. While it may not be as exciting as creating a fantastic website, the return on investment is much greater, and Google likes it better. Businesses that follow the 10 to 1 rule will see the results in their bottom line.


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