New Study Shows High-Intensity Workouts as Beneficial as Longer Periods

Doing shorter bouts of exercise at a high intensity could be as beneficial as longer periods of steady but moderate exercise. This information comes from a study conducted by Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

In the study, two sets of participants were involved in either moderate or high-intensity exercise for 10 weeks. The group doing moderate exercise worked out longer than the group who spent less time doing high-intensity exercises. The fitness results were similar but the group exercising for shorter periods were more faithful with their workouts.

There's no reason to ever spend more than 60 minutes in the gym

Arman Sadeghi, Peak Performance Coach, Speaker

As more gyms and fitness clubs incorporate bootcamps and other high-intensity workouts, people are discovering the benefits. Because people cite a lack of time as one of the main reasons they don’t stick with a fitness routine, the idea that short workouts can be as effective as longer ones can help people get the exercise they need. The key is to up the intensity to ensure a good cardio workout as well as strength training.

Arman Sadeghi of Titanium Success believes in the 25-minute workout, and he has incorporated it into his busy schedule. He has created workout guides for people who want to get healthy in less time. The program requires participants to work one or two areas of the body each day with no rest day and very short rest periods between exercises.

According to Sadeghi, "there’s no reason to ever spend more than 60 minutes in the gym.” With his workout, you work opposing muscle groups on the same day instead of complementary ones. His allows the one group to rest while the other one gets a workout. For example, he advocates working out the chest and biceps instead of the chest and triceps which is the traditional idea.

Because you don’t take a day off from exercise, you stay in the mindset of working out. You don’t allow yourself to lower your standards or miss a day. This eliminates a lot of the thought that goes into deciding if and when you’ll exercise.

Some people have concerns that continual exercise could lead to injuries, but it isn’t a problem if participants don’t lift weights that are too heavy for them. Lighter weights will still provide a workout while also providing cardio because of the speed. The key is to have a professional like a fitness trainer show you how to do the workouts correctly to eliminate much of the risk of injury.

Anyone who wants to get in shape with limited time in their schedule can utilize this 25-minute workout to become healthier, lose weight and have more energy. When you fit in exercise on a regular basis, you can enjoy the results for the rest of your life.


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