Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC, Has Announced the Launch of a New Product

Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC, has announced the launch of a new product developed by the company. It’s a calculi collector, which is not only designed with the patient’s comfort and convenience in mind but is also tailored to the needs of clinical laboratories. Even within the first several weeks after the launch, the demand for this product has surpassed the company’s wildest expectations.

Collecting kidney stones for further analysis is a common practice in urology. None of the medical devices currently available on the market fully addresses the issue of kidney stone collection by the patient. Besides, patients often pack up specimens sent to the lab incorrectly.

“Our products,” says Konstantin Bas, “are based upon an essentially novel concept. This item is both a collection device and a specimen shipment container.”

The product has received great feedback from the Availius partner laboratories in the course of testing. They pointed out its convenience for collecting and processing specimens for testing purposes. Availius expects it to gain much popularity among practicing urologists, clinical laboratories and hospitals. It’s important to note that the product is manufactured in the USA.

The production of the specimen collection kits was launched by Avalius in response to the growing market demand," says CEO Konstantin Bas. “We could not ignore our customers’ demands. We tailor our kits to the specific types of tests offered by laboratories.”

Availius designs and creates products that have no parallel on the market, to be used by hospitals, clinical laboratories and medical practices. These simple, extremely affordable and indispensable devices are manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Source: Availius LLC