Kiosk Manufacturer Association Quarterly Update

KMA focuses on QSR, Fast Casual self-order systems and EMV 2018 status. New association website for Accessibility & ADA

Olea Kiosks, Inc.

KMA, also known as the Kiosk Manufacturer Association, is happy to present the quarterly update with news from the QSR world and the new association website launched (

Seven features went up this month. The theme is QSRs, Fast Casual & EMV. The NRA show just completed and both McDonalds and Wendy’s CEO gave meaningful interviews post-show. That naturally created a lot of interest. In addition, newly launched is the association site for the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA). This will serve as the repository for Accessibility and ADA regulatory recommendations and a collaboration point for the ADA Committee and ADA Working Group.

And regarding special topic 'Cash-enabled' kiosks. In cash there are many things to consider: does the paid money immediately after payment show on the franchisee / owner account? What is the CIT role and how can the cash management made flexible and really save money versus non-cash payments.

Frieder Hansen

President and CEO has the current features:

  • EMV Update for 2018. Sixteen industry experts predict the Attended, Unattended and Semi-Attended status of the market. There are also some behind the scenes tips on some of the major model designs. Thanks to KioWare the EMV sponsor []!
  • Self-Order Centerstage at NRA - factors to consider when deploying whitepaper. Might be some lessons learned from CLEAR and Kaiser Permanente.
  • Interview CNBC & McDonalds CEO - here it is with custom cliff notes.
  • Interview TheStreet & Wendys CEO - also with custom cliff notes.
  • 5 Technology Trends Spotted at NRA - reporting some key trends seen at NRA by Nextep (recently acquired by SICOM)
  • Benefits of Self-Service whitepaper. Lays out nicely the features and benefits of the self-service model in QSR Fast Casual model
  • Gallery of photos from NRA includes booth video from Pyramid (McDonald’s Europe?) and 20 other companies.

Next up is a look at cash and coin in multiple verticals including new QSR iterations. Limited space, limited markets and limited budgets and ultimately making it pay for itself. Time to transaction really is money. Privacy and GDPR are around the corner editorially.

There has been a lot of news these past few weeks. Especially the Wired article on how Square designed their own iPad solution. Concept drawings included in the story about the process. Serving customer and employee at the same time is a big challenge. The robotic kitchen restaurant in Boston video is a techno-marvel, so check it out. Blended whiskey, blended food and now strategically blended “fill in the blank” coming soon to a specific market demographic.

Accessibility & ADA - There is work coming up for the committee and working committee. The intent is to help harmonize the similar US and European specs (e.g. EN301). Establish guidelines for accessible voice interaction. Alexa and A.I. are already creeping into the equation. To facilitate collaboration and presentation is now the primary association-only site. The official title for the association is Kiosk Manufacturer Association or KMA. New data research from Frost & Sullivan and IHL will release from 

In other news - Kansas City began the smart city transformation process. San Diego issued an RFP for a complete remake of its transportation system and is looking to the 22nd century. Also for multiple countries. Broward County has a big Digital Signage and Self-Service project.  Those are noted on the RFP and Watch pages on

Finally here is the wrap on current Editor Picks and thanks to supporters

Editor Picks

  • Meridian Introduces Automotive Kiosk Solutions
  • How Square Made Its Own iPad Replacement
  • Photos: Restaurant with robot kitchen opens in Boston
  • ZIVELO Wins Two Awards at ICX Summit
  • Acquisition – SICOM Acquires Self-Order Point of Sale Solutions Provider NEXTEP SYSTEMS
  • SEKO MedTec Solutions – Introduction for Logistics and Kiosk Installation
  • Drive Thru Kiosk Solutions – Real World
  • New Guided Setup in KioWare 8.14 Makes Setup Even Easier Than Before
  • Are You Ready for 20-30% Lift Ticket?
  • Feature – EMV Self-Service Update for Self-Order Kiosks 2018
  • A Discouraging State of Affairs – what has happened to the Global Entry Kiosks?
  • Self-Order Solutions Take Center Stage at Restaurant Show
  • 5 Technology Trends Spotted at The NRA Show 2018
  • Benefits of Utilizing Self-Service Kiosks in Quick Service & Fast Casual
  • McDonalds Kiosk Effect dominates NRA Show

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