New Options for Temperature Check Verification and No-Touch Touchless Touchscreen Technologies and Resources Available From Kiosk Manufacturer Association

Temperature Check, Touchless, No-Touch and Thermal Imaging (EBT) Resources

Temperature Check Kiosk

With checking temperatures and elevated body temperatures quickly becoming mainstream, new technologies and resources are available from the Kiosk Manufacturer Association. KMA consists of companies from all over the world that provide kiosk and self-service technology, hardware and software to enable unattended access for customers and employees. Whether for retail, theme park, healthcare or corporate "back to work" situations, being able to provide some sort of qualified testing is the first step for entire industries and all-size businesses everywhere to open safely and help bend the COVID-19 curve.

Craig Keefner, manager for the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA), says, "Like other technologies, there are different solutions with different accuracy and different application extensions. We have over 25 different solutions, several of them free and discounted, which provide software and hardware. Temperature check kiosks, sanitizer kiosks, new touchless no-touch touchscreens, antibacterial recommendations including UV-C and multiple COVID-related software applications. KMA has over 400 companies listed. 

"We've seen a very large influx of requests for unattended self-service. The HMI or human-machine-interface is becoming the preferred initial interface. Until such time that nationwide testing data is available, I expect minimizing person-to-person exposure where possible is going to be a first priority," Keefner added.

COVID-related resources include:

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