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The Expert Network celebrates its newest member, Attorney Kenneth A. Stern

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kenneth A. Stern, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The CP Lawyer and Stern Law, PLLC, has joined The Expert Network, an invitation only service for distinguished professionals. Mr. Stern​​​​​​​​ has been chosen as a Distinguished Lawyer™ based on peer reviews and ratings, dozens of recognitions, and accomplishments achieved throughout his career.

Mr. Stern​​​​​​​​ outshines others in his field due to his extensive educational background, career longevity, and numerous awards and recognitions. He received his law degree from Detroit College of Law in 1979 and a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Wayne State University in 1976. He is licensed to practice law in Michigan, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

"Every family of a child with Cerebral Palsy deserves the same quality of care, treatment and access to needed information and resources."

Kenneth A. Stern, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The CP Lawyer and Stern Law, PLLC

With 37 years dedicated to law, Mr. Stern​​​​​​​ brings a wealth of knowledge to his industry, and in particular to his area of specialization, medical malpractice law. When asked why he decided to pursue this specialization in law, Mr. Stern​ said:

"My inspiration to practice medical malpractice law derived first from my interest in medicine and second from my desire to help people."

As a thought-leader in his industry, Mr. Stern has been called upon for expert testimony in numerous State legislative hearings and he often appears before members of Congress on medical liability reform impacting the rights of children with special needs. He has also lectured on legal topics relating to medical malpractice at legal association seminars, and many of his legal victories have been featured in prominent legal journals. Mr. Stern has served as the co-chair for the medical malpractice committee for a state trials lawyers association.

Though his practice touches on many aspects of medical malpractice, Mr. Stern has a keen interest in helping the parents of children with Cerebral Palsy. In spite of advances in medicine, he saw that there was an increase in the number of cases of CP. He found that significant differences existed in the quality of care provided to people with different insurance plans, and that changes in the health care system along with increasing popularity of managed care had resulted not only in an increase of complicated pregnancies, but also led to deficient care in many cases.

Mr. Stern felt that the medical system had failed these people, and he saw his opportunity to make a difference through the legal process. He noted: 

"Every family of a child with Cerebral Palsy deserves the same quality of care, treatment and access to needed information and resources."

In 1997, Mr. Stern founded MyChild™, an organization dedicated to providing resources and information to people and parents looking to better understand CP. Staffed by a call center team and bolstered by hundreds of informational kits, eBooks, program resources and more, MyChild™ is a free service provided to parents and advocates alike with the singular goal of providing help where it is needed most. MyChild™ also operates, a website created by Mr. Stern to house hundreds of pages of information explaining critical elements of CP, which increases awareness and empowerment of parents and caregivers, and more. Since its founding, the organization has been wildly successful, and today helps countless people whose lives have touched by the disorder.

Mr. Stern is a member of American Bar Association, Michigan Association for Justice, American Association for Justice and Birth Trauma Litigation Group. He is past Co-Chairman of Michigan Trial Lawyers Association’s Legislative and Medical Malpractice Committee Committees.

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