Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Vocalist Xiomara Crystal Links Up With Rock Meets Classic Mega Tour

Xiomara Crystal, a protégé of the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, will be performing with rock and roll legends as part of the Rock Meets Classic

Xiomara and  Ken Tamplin

Rock Meets Classic lineup touring through Europe in the near future is featuring the singer success-story Xiomara Crystal. Xiomara Crystal is a product of the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy alumni going on to make albums, tour, or generate a big buzz on YouTube. The goal of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is to transform everyday, amateur or local-level singers into professional-grade, world-class vocalists. This means providing aspiring singers with high-level skills that attract high-level opportunities.

“We are proud of Xiomara,and so glad to see one of our students performing alongside some of the truly legendary figures in rock and roll,” comments Ken Tamplin.

The eighth edition of the Rock Meets Classic Tour will include 15 shows in Germany, plus one in Sweden. The three-hour performance brings together rock and roll luminaries with a full orchestral backdrop. This year’s star performers include Rick Springfield, former Eagle Don Felder, and members of Uriah Heep and Toto.

Xiomara Crystal will be a featured singer on two songs, as well as a supporting vocalist on the tour, which begins at the end of March. An actress, model, and singer with a degree from the London Academy of Music, Crystal says her time studying with Tamplin has been the most powerful training she could ask for. “I learned more from Ken Tamplin in just a few weeks, than all of my singing education combined,” she affirms.

More information on Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is available on YouTube, Soundcloud, and social media.


Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is a labor of love from award-winning singer and master vocal coach Ken Tamplin. The unique How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course was developed as Tamplin, then a guitarist, sought a way to develop his own vocal talents. More information is available in the form of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy reviews and on the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy website.

Source: Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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