Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy: A Bustling Online Community for Aspiring Singers

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has announced an exciting online community where singers can gather to share tips, stories, and recommendations.

Students at the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy benefit from the unparalleled insight of Ken Tamplin himself—a singer with more than 30 years of professional experience. Additionally, though, they benefit from each other—from surrounding themselves with thousands of fellow vocalists who are all trying to achieve professional-level skills and status. Now, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is seeing an influx of new singers into the KTVA Forums, making it easy for aspiring vocalists to get to know one another and to learn amazing things about the voice that they have never known.

This is an online singing community where literally thousands of vocalists from all over the world, in every imaginable style, exchange KTVA ideas to help one another along their singing journey.

“Our bustling online community already has thousands of members, and it represents a great place to ask questions about the art of singing,” comments Tamplin. “The forum includes specific sections that match each part of our course, plus areas where singers can share their own performance videos or audio recordings in order to seek feedback.”

Continues Tamplin, “There are places in the forums where students can get interactive, corrective feedback on their performance. Trained moderators help keep students accountable for implementing the right techniques, while students also receive encouragement from one other. The bottom line is, students at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy are never alone or without guidance.”

Some may have concerns about online singing courses being unable to compete with in-person singing lessons from a local teacher.  Actually, it’s the other way around.  Your local teacher has no experience or abilities to sing comparably to the way Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy will teach you.  Private singing lessons will quickly add up to far more than you will spend to own the Ken Tamplin course.  You can watch the lessons over and over again, stop and rewind, and get interactive help, feedback, and answers from the KTVA Forums.   

You won’t have any time or expense commuting to and from your lessons.   

You’ll be part of a worldwide community of singers on a journey to great singing. More information is available online at the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy website.


Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is a labor of love from award-winning singer and master vocal coach Ken Tamplin. The unique How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course was developed as Tamplin, then a guitarist, sought a way to develop his own vocal talents. His students benefit directly from his 30+ years of vocal experience. More information is available in the form of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy reviews and on the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy social media accounts.

Source: Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy