Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Celebrates Indie Week Win for Moon Tan

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has announced that Moon Tan—a band whose lead singer is a proud KTVA grad—has won Canada's Indie Week event.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy strives to help its students rise from amateur to professional singing status—and, as Ken Tamplin himself likes to say, the proof is in the singing. Many Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy students go on to have great success singing professionally. A case in point is Adrian Dryer. Adrian is the vocalist for a band called Moon Tan, which recently took home prestigious honors in its native Canada—and according to Dyer; the group’s success owes much to Tamplin and his methodology.

Ken Tamplin really shaped our destiny,” Dyer comments. “Without him, none of the success we’ve had would be possible. I’m a student for life, and a big advocate for his program!” And indeed, Moon Tan has been on a significant career upswing in recent weeks, even winning the prestigious Indie Week 2016 event in Canada. More than 300 total bands participated in the contest—and Moon Tan was selected by judges as the standout.

“It’s so rewarding to see the principles of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy propel amateur singers to professional-level success,” Tamplin comments. “I’m proud of Moon Tan, and thrilled for the role I’ve been able to play in their rise to acclaim.”

Moon Tan will be invited for a special performance in Manchester next year. Information about Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy can be found on Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy social media, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YouTube, and Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Soundcloud.

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