JustFly and FlightHub Suggest Things to Do Down the Bayou

​​People tend to think of North American cities as bustling metropolises or centers of industry but rarely as true cultural experiences. New Orleans breaks that expectation in half; it’s a city which feeds the body, the heart, and the spirit. With that said, it’s a good idea to go in understanding some of the important Nolah landmarks and customs. So, on behalf of Flighthub and Justfly, here are five things to do in New Orleans.

1.      Mardi Gras (or not): There’s an important decision to make before heading down to New Orleans: will one go on or off season? The incredible Mardi Gras festival is one of the most important cultural pillars of New Orleans. It’s the party to end all parties, and it happens every year in the months of January and February. The traveler’s tolerance for festivities will be crucial here. Mardi Gras draws enormous crowds and offers countless raunchy delights, though these certainly don’t jive with everyone’s tastes. If one does elect to partake in the great carnival, it’s best to go early, to beat other tourists to the punch, and to avoid over-costed hotels and B&Bs.

2.      Eat, eat, eat: Cajun cuisine is a gift to the world, and enjoying it at its source is a true privilege. Enjoy gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, po’boys, grits, beignets, and oysters done every which way, to name only a few dishes. As anyone can imagine, seafood is wonderful in New Orleans, and the locals have devised every possible way to elevate these offerings with seasonings and sides for every occasion. It’s a great opportunity to build up a spice tolerance!

3.      Drink, drink, drink: New Orleans’ party infrastructure is supported by a plethora of fantastic bars, providing top-notch cocktails and beer in equal measure. Many iconic drinks are of New Orleanian invention, such as the Sazerac and the Vieux Carré, and many establishments will serve them all through the night (and into the morning). New Orleans also has very lenient regulations about the public consumption of alcohol, meaning a boozy stroll or picnic is well within reason.

4.      Enjoy jazz, and any other music too: New Orleans definitely carries a jazz connotation, and many bars, clubs, and French Quarter street corners will exhibit the talents of live musicians. While jazz might not be everyone’s cup of tea, New Orleans might just turn it into a traveler’s drink of choice. If that seems unlikely, there are plenty of local bands putting on impressive hip-hop, rock, and folk shows too.

5.      Go down the bayou: The marshland biomes of Louisiana are a natural bounty and a feast for the eyes. There are plenty of national parks, walking trails, and boat trips to be taken through the bayou, allowing travelers to experience their stunning beauty and precious ecosystem, which is becoming increasingly at risk as a result of climate change and pollution. It might be enough to turn any traveler into a diehard environmentalist.

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