JustFly and FlightHub on Health and Safety During Travel

​Health and safety should always be prioritized, especially during travel. While many trips go as planned, understanding how they may take a turn for the worst is important. To avoid and reduce chances of sickness or injury while abroad travelers need to be prepared. By taking the appropriate steps before, during and after returning from a destination, travelers put themselves in the best position possible.

FlightHub and JustFly have put together a list of travel health and safety points to consider before travel.

Health Before Travel

Book an appointment with a health professional before the scheduled departure date. In some countries, getting access to a nurse or doctor for a general check-up can take weeks or months. Factor in the necessary time to pick up prescriptions or receive other treatments such as preventive vaccines as well. As a rule of thumb, one month is a good starting point. See below for a non-exhaustive list of circumstances that may prevent air travel.

·         Recent surgery

·         Recent heart complications

·         Chest or respiratory issues

·         High fever

·         Severe infections

·         Brain damage

·         Pregnancy

Travelers should always be transparent about relevant travel details. Advise doctors and nurses of the destination, duration of the trip as well as the planned activities. Medical professionals should also be advised of the departure date, and any medical history that may affect health and safety. In addition, destinations should be researched ahead of time for location-specific concerns.

Safety Before Travel

Any medical expenses incurred while traveling must be paid by the traveler. That said, the importance of travel insurance is often underestimated. The financial protection and peace of mind having insurance provides can significantly impact a trip. There are several types of insurance. FlightHub and JustFly list 3 important ones below:

·         Trip cancellation insurance generally covers the cost of a trip (flights, cruises, train tickets etc).

·         Travel Health Insurance: Typically covers visits to medical facilities (clinics and hospitals) and certain activities abroad (bungee jumping, parasailing, scuba diving and other potentially risky sports)

·         Medical evacuation insurance is normally used to get travelers in need of medical care from remote locations to clinics and hospitals as quickly as possible.

Depending on the destination and planned activities different combinations of insurance should be considered. Travelers should also research if the country in question is at risk of natural disasters before departure.

Other Health and Safety Considerations

Several other steps can be taken to increase the likelihood of a healthy and safe international trip. Packing the right medical supplies is crucial. Prepare a first aid kit. However, verify with a national embassy if certain types of medicine are not permitted. Equally as important is sharing trip details with reliable friends, family or peers. Provide copies of important documents. Also, leave all pertinent contact information with at least one trusted person. 

Travel is meant to be enjoyable. However, it’s not without risk. By taking the appropriate measures, travelers can focus on exploring and appreciating new destinations as opposed to the potential for illness or injury. From a doctor’s visit, to insurance, health and safety are as important now as they ever were.

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