JustFly and FlightHub on Facial Recognition and Hospitality

​​​Facial recognition software has become widespread across several industries in recent years. It’s being used in a variety of ways. Helping Faceless uses face recognition software to help find missing children. MasterCard has the self-explanatory selfie-payment system. Facebook has been using face detection technology to identify people in photos for years. Apple allows its users to unlock their smartphones with Face ID.

The hospitality industry has incorporated facial recognition technology in several ways. It’s being used to improve airport security and hotel check-in experiences, as well as to make customer service more personal and unique.

FlightHub and JustFly discuss facial recognition software within the hospitality industry below.

Facial Recognition Technology Defined:

The science behind facial recognition programming is biometric technology. What exactly does biometric mean? Simply put, it’s when statistical analysis meets biological data. In the case of facial recognition software, devices analyze faces to detect matches within a given database. If a match is found, users then get access to anything from smart devices to customer profiles. The same software is also used to help move through security checkpoints more easily.

In addition, face detection technology can be used to give insight into a person’s gender, age range and more.

Facial Recognition and the Hospitality Industry:

Soon, facial recognition software will likely become an integral part of the hospitality industry. Hotels want to serve as many clients as possible without sacrificing customer service and security. The automation and efficiency provided by face detection technology could be the solution.

FlightHub and JustFly have assembled a list of practical uses for facial recognition in the hospitality industry:

·         Accessibility and Security: To give access to hotel suites, gyms and other areas on the property.

·         Customer Service: To identify guests and quickly personalize service.

·         Payments: To authorize payments, removing the need for extra interactions and cards.

·         Data and Research: To gather and analyze data in order to revise and improve processes.

When asked about how guests were responding to facial recognition technology used at the Alibaba Future Hotel, Andy Wang, the current CEO responded with, “Young generation, they love it. For the generation like us, they would feel a little nervous initially, but in a couple minutes with our assistance from the service ambassador in the hotel lobby, they will feel more comfortable. Everybody knows how to use Alipay; everybody knows how to use [a] smartphone.”


The benefits of facial recognition are clear, especially as it pertains to travel, tourism and hospitality businesses. However, some travelers have raised concerns around privacy. Several large companies have dealt with data breaches in recent years. Some customers fear storing biometric information could lead to their details being sold or simply falling into the wrong hands. These privacy concerns are of paramount importance.

Facial recognition technology is no longer a science fiction concept. It’s a growing part of a variety of industries, including hospitality. It can be used for security, customer service, payments, research and more. Once businesses address the privacy concerns raised by customers, facial recognition software will become a staple within the travel industry and many others.

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