JTT UAV Demonstrated Forestry Management Solution in Thailand

JTT UAV Demonstrated Forestry Management Solution in Thailand

What can drones do in forestry management?

Using drones to capture image data enables operations to be planned flexibly and at short notice, thus ensuring that image products are quickly available. Thanks to the low flight altitude, drones can fly even under heavy cloud. Moreover, the quiet and energy-efficient electric motors are not only environment-friendly but also reduce the impact of noise on humans and animals.

JTT UAV performed forestry management solution to the local administration.

Equipped with a 30x high-resolution camera or oblique mapping device, JTT UAV T60 bridges the gap between arduous field surveys on the ground and costly bird's eye view surveys carried out by manned helicopters or airplanes.

There are several tasks where a JTT T60 UAV can do in forestry management:

  • Improve forest management and operational planning
  • Monitoring of illegal activities and encroachment such as logging
  • Research into health of forest enabling targeted response
  • Rapid response to environmental impact events - e.g. assess storm damage

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