Joy Familytech Offers the Gift of Good Habits

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Octopus Watch, the first icon-based watch that empowers kids is available at the incredible price of $39

The Octopus Watch

Kids are exposed to many distractions these days, and parents too! It’s becoming harder to focus and maintain structure in the family. It often leads to power struggles, nagging and stress.
Octopus Watch is the first icon-based watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time.
It’s a watch that young kids can read and understand. It’s a scheduler that fosters responsibility, independence, and self-esteem. It’s an assistant that helps parents prioritize their expectations and stay consistent with daily routines.
JOY Familytech created this product to help parents create stress-free days and spend more precious quality time with their children. Their  mission is to  help parents cultivate autonomy & self-esteem in their children so they will be happier, healthier, and better able to enjoy the world around them. 

The Octopus Watch’s easy  setup and  library of 2000+ icons helps parents create the perfect schedule for their child.  With the new Octopus Watch Motion Edition, parents can now track their child’s physical activity and more. Octopus Watch Motion Edition comes with a charging station that is also a nightlight and a wake up time light. 

We invented this product to help parents create stress-free days and spend precious quality time with their children

Sam Hickmann, Creator of the Octopus Watch

With its Octopus Watch at $39.99 for a limited time, JOY Familytech looks forward to helping even more families build good habits and overcome daily challenges. The Octopus Watch is available for purchase at, on Amazon and at Target stores nationwide. 

JOY Familytech, the innovative brand behind the Octopus Watch, is run by a dedicated team with backgrounds in child development, engineering, business and communications. Their mission is to create amazing technology that promotes independence and self-esteem while also helping families spend more quality time together.
For product samples and/or business inquiries contact Sam Hickmann, CEO at

JOY Familytech, Inc. 479 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


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