Joy Familytech, Inc. Release Their New Octopus Chart, Designed to Take Daily Routines to a Whole New Level

The New Octopus Chart

Joy Familytech, Inc. continues on their mission of offering the gift of good habits with the launch of their newest product, the Octopus Chart. This adaptive daily routine chart for kids includes 175 unique magnetic icons, representing tasks, chores and time periods, to help foster responsibility, independence and self-esteem. Using the magnetic icons and the fridge or favorite magnetic surface, parents can create and customize a visual schedule of their child’s daily routine. Changes can be made quickly and easily, without affecting the rest of the schedule. The icons are reusable and the possibilities are endless.

Included in each kit:

• 525 activity, task, and chore themed magnetic icons (175 unique icons) 
• Reward themed magnetic icons 
• Days of the week, time and blank customizable magnetic icons

The Octopus Chart comes on the heels of the first product developed by Joy Familytech, The Octopus Watch Motion Edition, the first icon-based watch that empowers kids by teaching good habits and the concept of time, while also encouraging them to stay active with its fitness tracker.

Joy Familytech looks forward to helping even more families build good habits and stay consistent with daily routines. The Octopus Chart is available for purchase at Octopus By Joy, on Amazon and at Target stores nationwide.

Joy Familytech, the innovative brand behind the Octopus Watch and the Octopus Chart, is run by a dedicated team with backgrounds in child development, engineering, business and communications. Their mission is to create amazing technology that promotes independence and self-esteem while also helping families spend more quality time together.

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Source: Joy Familytech, Inc.