Join River Expeditions This May for Their Annual "Spring Fling" Weekends!

River Expeditions is thrilled to be continuing their popular "Spring Fling" weekends into 2016. These mini packages include whitewater rafting, camping, BBQ, and much more in the beautiful New River Gorge in West Virginia.

If you’re in the New River Gorge in the springtime, you already know that the weather is perfect and the sights are amazing. River Expeditions invites locals and visitors to join them in their “Spring Fling” weekends to experience the best whitewater rafting in the area. This year, the dates for this special are May 7th, 14th, and 21st. However, “Spring Fling” weekends aren’t just rafting though – they also include two nights of camping and many onsite activities included at the River Expeditions facility. Enjoy the warmer spring evenings too with drinks, live music, and games at The Red Dog River Saloon.

Spring is a fantastic time to go whitewater rafting as higher water levels make for an action packed and unforgettable weekend. Available excursions range from beginner to advanced, so there’s a trip with the right amount of thrill for every guest. For the veteran rafter, this means a trip with drops and intense paddling at times, and for the beginner, one with ample opportunity to paddle and take pictures. Water temperatures average about 71 degrees this time of year, which with the added warmth of the sunshine, makes for a great trip in the Gorge.

“Spring Fling Weekends are definitely one of our favorite specials here – they mean that the warm weather has finally arrived for good – and is here to stay.” Says River Expeditions owner, Rick Johnson. “We’re sure that guests, both new and returning, will have a fantastic time, all while saving money too!”

River Expeditions outfits whitewater rafting trips on the New and Gauley Rivers from April until October. These trips consist of navigating a portion of one of the rivers on an inflatable raft for approximately 5-7 hours, including a break for a waterside lunch. No experience is necessary for some of the milder trips. Having the ability to swim is helpful, but not required, and many “non-swimmers” take to the water every year. River Expeditions supplies all necessary safety equipment including Coast Guard approved Type V Life Jacket, Paddle, and Helmet.

Gift certificates are available online at the River Expeditions website for any package or denomination. River Expeditions is within driving distance of many major cities in the mid-Atlantic, southeast, and heartland of the USA. 

Source: River Expeditions