Jobspeaker Inc. Launches New Regional Employer Portal for South Central Coast Regional Consortium of 8 Community Colleges

Working together with South Central Coast Regional Consortium (SCCRC), Jobspeaker Inc. is launching an employer portal to consistently, efficiently build and maintain relationships between employers in the region. The Portal will also strengthen engagement between employers and the Colleges in the Consortium. Particularly now, in the COVID-19 online environment, the need to engage students, faculty, and staff is critical for the SCCRC region.

The SCCRC Employer Portal is an easy and intuitive way for students to interact with employers. The Portal also enables colleges to oversee and report on student activity and ensure they’re on the right path to a job or career. 

According to Paula Hodge, SCCRC Regional Consortium Project Lead and Regional Director, the Portal is a powerful addition to the Jobspeaker platform. “The new Portal will significantly increase our ability to build and expand our employer relationships while we provide opportunities for our career-ready regional students,” said Hodge. 

Jarlath O’Carroll, CEO of Jobspeaker, finds the new co-designed Portal equally exciting and foresees a positive impact for all parties. “Employers tell us that they want to hire students but want to do so efficiently across these geographically spread colleges. We make the process of employers advertising these opportunities much more efficient for everyone involved. As a result, we expect these employers will hire more students and engage with the colleges about more ways to work together.”

About Jobspeaker, Inc.

Jobspeaker is bridging the gap between Education and Employment for the skills-based economy. Jobspeaker’s platform enables students to automatically build their Skills TranscriptTM based-off their completed coursework, and use it to attract the right employers. The platform also enables employers to identify and hire jobseekers based on their unique skill sets. 

Jobspeaker’s Mobile-First collaboration platform tracks job search activity, events (including virtual career fairs), and employment, and also provides customizable workflows to manage work-based learning experiences.

About the South Central Coast Regional Consortium (SCCRC)

The South Central Coast Regional Consortium (SCCRC) serves to facilitate and promote effective regional educational initiatives for its member colleges. The partner colleges are: Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria; Antelope Valley College, Lancaster; Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo; Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara; College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita; Moorpark College, Moorpark; Oxnard College, Oxnard; and Ventura College, Ventura. The consortium focuses on leveraging employer, community, and educational resources to create and maintain a highly skilled workforce that meets our regional needs.

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Jobspeaker, founded in 2009, is a technology company based in San Francisco, California, focuses on solving the job search by bridging the gap between education, employment and working with high schools, workforce agencies, colleges and employers.