Jobspeaker Announces New Partnership With LinkedIn Learning

Jobspeaker, a skills-based workforce collaboration platform, announces a new partnership with LinkedIn Learning. “We are excited to show how we can leverage the benefits of both platforms, working in unison to yield better outcomes for South Central Coast Regional Consortium (SCCRC) students, particularly as they enter what’s going to be a difficult job market,” said Jarlath O’Carroll, founder and CEO of Jobspeaker. Working in partnership with the consortium’s eight community colleges and LinkedIn Learning, Jobspeaker provides students with LinkedIn Learning’s video content embedded within the Jobspeaker experience. This world-class content focuses on helping students thrive and prepare for the working world. This addition offers LinkedIn Learning’s career and professional development content directly through Jobspeaker’s web and mobile apps.

Jobspeaker’s Mobile-First collaboration platform tracks job search activity, employment, manage events (including virtual career fairs), plus enables customizable workflows to manage work-based learning experiences such as internships and apprenticeships.

Paula Hodge, SCCRC Regional Consortium Project Lead and Regional Director, highlights the partnership between Jobspeaker and LinkedIn yields the best of both worlds by putting the best career and workforce solution for community college students together with the best content for increasing a student’s ability to be ready for the working world. The SCCRC serves to facilitate and promote effective regional educational initiatives for its member colleges.

Ryan Zervakos, LinkedIn Learning’s Senior Relationship Manager, commented, “We are extremely excited to partner with Jobspeaker and SCCRC. The combination of the Jobspeaker platform with direct access to LinkedIn Learning will provide a springboard for the Career & Technical Education students in the region. This partnership is a first for us, allowing their students to seamlessly use all the Jobspeaker tools and easily launch LinkedIn Learning content in one place. We are starting with targeted LinkedIn Learning content specific to job searching and job readiness skills to give their students the best opportunity to get into the job market. In the future, we can add more content around 21st Century Skills.”

Jobspeaker, founded in 2009, is a technology company based in San Francisco, California. For more information on Jobspeaker:

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Jobspeaker, founded in 2009, is a technology company based in San Francisco, California, focuses on solving the job search by bridging the gap between education, employment and working with high schools, workforce agencies, colleges and employers.

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