JM Austin Enterprises on the Fourth Quarter Push

At JM Austin Enterprises, a premier interactive marketing firm, the fourth quarter is always a road to victory. As managers state, good planning throughout the year allows them to finish one year well and begin the next on an up tempo.

​Joel, JM Austin Enterprises’ director of operations, shared that the team doesn’t wait until the end of the year to project results. “Waiting until the final months to see how you’re doing and expecting positive outcomes is a recipe for disaster,” he stated. “You must be tracking your progress all along if you wish to accomplish your annual goals.”

“Teams that are doomed are the ones who enter into the last three months of the year wondering how they’re going to end with profits,” he explained. “They’re like the proverbial grasshoppers. They didn’t plan and now they’re panicking as they try to gather the means to get what they need to wrap up the year positively.”

"A limiting factor is what holds you back from growing your business,"

Joel , Director of Operations

Instead, at JM Austin Enterprises, Joel noted that the team is already in the midst of developing a plan for 2016. “We’re using the data we’ve accumulated this year, along with the trends we’re observing, to forecast our goals for next year,” he added. “We’re using real-time data to optimize our model. We’ll be primed to gain greater market share going into next year and ensure brands meet their sales objectives.”

“We’re also reviewing our resources to ensure that we’re properly scaled for growth while sustaining profits,” he noted. “Once January 1 arrives, we’ll be able to hit the ground running.”

JM Austin Enterprises’ Managers on Planning Tips

As business leaders plan for the next year, Joel suggested that they identify the following from their experiences in 2015: limiting factors, opportunities, and threats.

“A limiting factor is what holds you back from growing your business,” said Joel. “This could be capital, or resources you lack. It could be a failure to install efficient systems that would help your team become more productive.”

Joel defined threats as whatever would push businesses to the brink of closure. “A new competitor, a product failure, or poor customer service and feedback all must be addressed quickly,” he noted. “These are critical issues you cannot ignore.”

Finally, Joel discussed opportunities. “You’ll want to carefully vet new business potentials to ensure they will have a lasting positive impact on your business,” he suggested. “If so, don’t be afraid to seize them.”

“At JM Austin Enterprises, we’re pleased to have another successful year under our belts,” he said. “Thus far, 2016 is looking grand.”

About JM Austin Enterprises

JM Austin Enterprises is a consulting and advertising services provider that generates long-lasting and measurable growth. The firm’s dynamic team of marketing specialists utilizes the most modern means of communication to ensure immediate results. These favorable outcomes are possible due to the team’s impressive ability to increase consumer awareness and engagement. Meticulous research and careful analysis further contribute to this success. In doing so the firm is able to achieve mutually beneficial connections between clients and consumers, along with the satisfaction of everyone involved. A firm commitment to the company’s core values separates JM Austin Enterprises from its competitors, and its team continues to assist with client expansion.