Jin Xiuying Captures Record Sized Snake

 Jin Xiuying

Jin Xiuying is a very experienced and highly respected pest remover. He has been called to many different jobs across the country, routinely dealing with wild and dangerous animals. Most recently, he was called out to the Florida Everglades, where he had to capture and remove a very large snake.

Jin Xiuying says: "I got a call from a family saying that they had seen a large snake. Honestly, I expected a corn snake, or perhaps something slightly bigger, as that is usually the case. I did not, however, expect to see a 15-foot anaconda!"

"The first time I knew this was the line of work for me was when I got a call from someone who said they had heard a rattlesnake under their porch."

Jin Xiuying

The green anaconda is a semi-aquatic species of snake. It is native to South American countries, but has been heavily smuggled into this country as a pet for people who like "extreme" animals. Unfortunately, as is often the case with these types of animals, people find them impossible to handle and release them into the wild. The Florida Everglades being quite wet is a perfect habitat for the anaconda, although it has no place there.

"It is quite common to come across species of snakes and other types of reptiles in the Everglades that shouldn't be there," adds Jin Xiuying. "People really need to think about what they are doing with these types of animals. They are not pets, which is also why they are generally illegal to own. I really want to urge people to not release their pets into the wild, however. There are plenty of places that will give the animals a proper sanctuary, without people having to face consequences of owning an illegal animal."

The 15-foot anaconda that Jin Xiuying captured has now been given a new home in a snake sanctuary. It is a female snake, not yet fully grown, which could have had devastating consequences for the local wildlife if it was not captured. Only recently, a news report was made about a man who was eaten by a huge constrictor snake, most likely an anaconda, albeit in a more remote region of the planet.

Jin Xiuying adds: "An anaconda absolutely has the capacity to kill a human being. However, it is not just about the dangers it poses to human life. Because it is not a member of the natural ecosystem, but it can survive and even thrive in the Everglades, it could potentially have significant consequences for other forms of wildlife as well."

Jin Xiuying loves his job and has found himself in some very tricky situations. He originally started by focusing on regular pest control, working on homes with woodworm, bedbugs, raccoons, or other such problems. However, he has always had a passion for conservation and wildlife protection, and quickly found that his hobby of helping to protect animals became part of his job.

He states: "The first time I knew this was the line of work for me was when I got a call from someone who said they had heard a rattlesnake under their porch. I decided to go and take a look, and immediately understood the trickiness of the situation. That was my first, most memorable, and perhaps most dangerous job. But I knew I had found a calling."

Today, Jin Xiuying has built a reputation that spans the entire nation. He is frequently called out when dangerous animals escape, or when animals are seen in locations where they have no business to be. Sometimes, Jin Xiuying still deals with regular pests as well, although this is becoming much less frequent. He is now the go-to source for reptiles in particular, with most of his work focusing on the safe removal of alligators and snakes.

He is also a strong conservationist and spends a lot of his time on educational projects. He works with schools and various conservation projects in order to make sure people gain a greater understanding of why certain wild animals should simply remain in the wild and do not make good pets. At the same time, he ensures that those animals that he has captured are returned to their natural environment whenever possible, or to conservation projects, such as zoos and animal parks, if it is not.

"Sally the Anaconda (I had to name her), has had to go to a conservation park," adds Jin Xiuying. "Considering that she was almost an adult, it was impossible to determine her origins, and she may find it difficult to survive in that environment if she was returned to a random spot in South America. She will be very well looked after in the park, and I may even bring her out every once in a while for my educational projects."

Source: Jin Xiuying

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