Now Removes Online Mugshots and Arrest Records Within 72 Hours

Erase Mugshots Now Removes Online Mugshots and Arrest Records within 72 Hours has announced a change to its online removal services. It has announced an expedited service that allows online mugshots and arrest records to be removed within 72 hours from a range of prominent websites across the world.

Adam Parks says, “We understand that time is of the essence to our clients and that the longer a mugshot or arrest record is online the more damage it does. That is why we decided to enhance the speed of our services so that our clients can get results within 72 hours. has announced that individuals and businesses are able to have mugshots and arrest records removed in as little as 72 hours. This service applies to more than 500 websites that the company has agreements with to remove records on request.

This company has responded to popular demand for a faster service. received numerous requests for timescales on how quickly records can be removed, and the company has responded accordingly by upgrading its service.

Adam Parks explains, “There have been no changes to the quality of our service by making it faster. Our team is still based in the U.S. and continues to use only legal means to have records removed. We have simply expanded our capacity to keep up with our growing client base.

Furthermore, has announced that its quality guarantee remains in place. If the records are not removed from relevant websites, they will refund the entire amount to the client.

Background is a company dedicated to removing mugshots and online arrest records from the public domain. They use a collection of strategies to both have records removed and to have them buried so that they are no longer accessible.

The company is located in Sarasota, FL, and employs a team of experts based in the U.S. to help personal and business clients. To date, they have helped thousands of clients across the globe using a selection of online removal services to help with protecting the online reputations of their clients.

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