EraseMugshots Commits Itself to Building Trust in the Online Removal Industry

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EraseMugshots has committed itself to protecting its clients against negative publicity online. Company founder Adam Parks has committed the company to becoming the leading online removal company for pieces of negative publicity that can harm the reputations of both individuals and brands.

Adam Parks says, “Our clients are able to develop trust with us very quickly, not only due to our online reviews, but also due to the fact they work one on one with our salespeople, who are located in our offices in the U.S, never overseas.”

EraseMugshots prides itself on its accountability by basing itself in the U.S. Determined to tackle the lack of trust in the industry, EraseMugshots backs up its words through being transparent about who runs the company and how it operates.

Many online removal companies are known for not having any accountability because they place themselves overseas. EraseMugshots never outsources, and their experts are based in the U.S.

Unveiling its process, Parks explains, “Each client receives a contract of the sites we work to remove them from, and if for some reason we aren’t successful, we refund our clients in full, no questions asked.

Parks believes that this helps to give clients peace of mind. Furthermore, it gives them the confidence that is sorely lacking in the rest of the industry.

EraseMugshots has already rolled out this working process for all its clients and Parks has pledged himself to taking a new direction to the rest of the online removal industry.

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EraseMugshots is a specialist in online mugshot removal and helping its clients to improve their reputations across the globe. It established itself in 2013 and has already removed over 30,000 mugshots and arrest records from a total of 200 websites across the world.

Based out of Sarasota, Florida, the company has supported thousands of personal and business clients across the world through its transparent approach and its commitment to success.

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