ISSSP Announces July Webinar: Strategy of Mixture Experimentation


Design on experiments (DOE) for mixtures will be the topic at hand for the latest webinar presented by the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP), being presented Wednesday, July 17 at 2 p.m. CT.

Chemical engineers Mark Anderson and Pat Whitcomb, co-authors of the DOE/RSM/Formulation Simplified trilogy, will provide valuable tips and tricks for formulation development tailored to Six Sigma. They will present experiment-design and modeling methods for mixtures through real-world examples that ultimately lead to the “sweet spot”—a formulation meeting all product specifications.

They will provide the tools to make the winning recipe robust through advanced tools for minimizing propagation of error (POE) and framing the ideal formulation window with confidence or, stronger yet, tolerance intervals.

This webinar is a must for Six-Sigma experts from all industries. “Those professionals who produce or purchase products that depend on chemistry, such as food products, pharmaceuticals, plastics and paints will find this webinar particularly helpful,” said Mark Anderson, lead presenter. 

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The International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP) is the leading non-profit organization promoting the high standards and values that Lean Six Sigma operates by. ISSSP provides access to Lean Six Sigma resources, advice on choosing accredited training providers, and opportunities for members to submit webinars, presentations and white papers.

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