Is Monavie All Wrung Out? Doubts Grow Over Juice Company's Expansion

The MonaVie product and business opportunity is one of the most popular on the internet today, and people are wondering whether the income opportunity is as great as the company claims in its materials. Jonathan Budd, a MonaVie insider, gives unique

June 12, 2010 - With MonaVie's revenue still growing and outsiders and insiders alike wondering how sustainable their business model may be, Jonathan Bud has released a review of the company that attempts to give his unique insight into this internet phenomenon.

MonaVie has been a powerful MLM company for several years, even racking up several celebrity endorsements along the way. But as the company's revenue climbs past $1.2 billion, many are wondering what the company has left. It has recently released an energy drink to compliment its juice offering and to bolster sales that had been growing flat. In his review, Jonathan Bud reveals whether he thinks they will ultimately be successful.

Jonathan lays out the thinking of most new distributors when they initially sign up with Monavie as very limited and a bit naive. "People join thinking they're just going to 'Hit it Big' somehow, and win the lottery, then they realize they actually have to build a business and learn an entirely new set of skills," he explains. "Once they realize that it takes some persistence,
they run for the hills."

Jonathan assigns some of the blame for the failure of the vast majority of MonaVie distributors to the MonaVie educational materials, which are very simplistic and impractical. "They'll tell you that all you have to do to get started is contact uncle bob, and aunt Mary, and sign up 3 people, and then they get 3, and on and on," he continues. "But in reality, how many real businesses do you know that were built from calling friends and family members or harassing people in grocery store lines with a 3 foot rule?" He recommends that distributors instead look to the internet as their means of marketing and advertising.

Bud concludes that without adding something to their product line or otherwise taking some risks, MonaVie will begin to decline as consumers refuse to pay the asking price for its products. He leaves open the door for the company to re-invigorate itself with new products, however, complimenting the management team for maintaining growth for as long as they have in this typically volatile industry.

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