Insider Review Tackles Common Conceptions of MonaVie

Ellie Gant Set Out to Determine Whether The Popular Multi-Level Marketing Company is a Scam

Ellie Gant Set Out to Determine Whether The Popular Multi-Level Marketing Company is a Scam

Ellie Gant, an MLM industry insider with years of experience, decided to put her expertise to use by reviewing controversial multi-level marketing company MonaVie. Her goal was to explain how people can be successful with the marketing portion of MonaVie as well as the pros and cons of working with the company.

April 5, 2010 - MonaVie is a wellness company producing several acai berry juice products. Posting a massive $1.2 billion in sales over its first four years of business, this is one company that set out to reach the top.

Ellie Gant, a former MonaVie marketer with four years of experience in the network marketing industry, has put together an in-depth review of this well-known company. Her overall conclusion is that although this opportunity may have been extremely profitable at one time, the fact that it has already hit $1 billion in sales means that the true money-making potential has been reached and will not improve without radical changes in the company's pricing or product structure.

"I wanted to clear the air once and for all," Budd explains. "There are so many rumors and half-truths out there about the company and the opportunity that someone with years of experience with both had to come in and speak plainly regarding people's chances for success with MonaVie."

The review touches on several aspects of the training MonaVie distributors receive when they sign up for the network marketing portion of the company. She finds fault with the approach taken by company management to teach new MonaVie distributors how to grow their business.

Calling the internet the cheapest and easiest form of advertising ever conceived, she outlines a blueprint for business success based on personal branding and targeting of potential customers rather than the MonaVie practice of recruiting friends and family members. The review touches on the inflated expectations of new distributors and gives practical advice on how such people can build their own network marketing team.

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Ellie Gant spent four years in network marketing, trying and failing at many companies until he discovered a successful formula for growing network marketing down line. She currently runs one of the largest online network marketing training companies in the industry.