iPatientAxis Announces Two New Appointments to the Board of Directors

iPatientAxis has announced the appointment of two new members to the company’s Board of Directors.

Joining the board is Kelly Smith and Maria Logan. The addition of these two distinguished women to the board is met with excitement as iPatientAxis strives to excel forward in the field of Healthcare/ Technology. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Kelly and Maria to the iPatientAxis Board of Directors. They will bring tremendous value to the rapid growth and expansion of iPA with their business acumen and previous healthcare technology expertise,” said John Friend, iPatientAxis Chairman of the board.

Kelly Smith has been a senior executive in the Healthcare Technology industry for over 12 years. Having several years of managerial experience, and she is currently the Vice President of Operations & Customer Engagement at iPA. Looking to the future, Kelly has a clear vision on the direction iPatientAxis should take from an Operations and Customer standpoint.

Maria Logan has been the founder and CEO of her own company for over 20 years in Ireland. We welcome Maria as a new member of the board and as a director for our Irish subsidiary, iPatientAxis EU, based in Dublin. Maria has several connections in the Irish Government and Healthcare arenas which she has built and fostered while she has been in this field of work. She has helped iPatientAxis EU explore HealthCare/Technology grants as her involvement in the field has been so considerable and can help lend the guidance that we are looking for as we explore new opportunities in Ireland. iPA EU is sub-leasing office space from Maria’s company which has allowed us to grow closer as we establish our iPA EU headquarters in Dublin.

“I am incredibly excited to be part of such a dynamic and innovative organization. After 20 years at CEO level in Ireland, I’m hoping my experience will add value to iPatientAxis, in particular the EU market. I’m also excited to work with an organization that share the same values as I do, integrity, honesty and diversity whilst also placing emphasis on emotional intelligence,” added Maria.

iPatientAxis has a firm belief that the addition of these board members is a strategic way to increase our success and productivity. As a company focused on innovation, performance, and growth, having a diverse group of employees and leaders is absolutely critical. iPatientAxis looks forward to the continued growth of the company through the addition of distinct members.

Press Contact: Marlea Thomas, marlea.thomas@ipatientaxis.com

Source: iPatientAxis