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​​​​​​​​​In an ever-changing landscape, healthcare delivery systems need to stay in front of regulatory changes to be successful. iPatientAxis’ registry-based data insight guides and supports practice and institution-critical decision-making processes, bringing into alignment a vision of quality excellence and accelerating the delivery of patient-centered care. iPatientAxis has dependable, non-duplicating information upon which to compare clinical decisions, whether those decisions are for business, enterprise, administrative or clinical purposes.

With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) leading the way, government and commercial payers alike leverage medical condition data to drive quality ratings, shared savings, risk scores and payment adjustments for a broad range of value-based contracts and activities. In addition to regulatory risk, incorrect coding limits plan growth and depresses margins on otherwise-profitable lines of business. Increasingly, health plans turn to proven analytic technologies to help determine the appropriate level of member condition complexity and severity, accurately predict future costs of care, reduce regulatory risk exposure and maximize risk-adjusted payments. iPatientAxis' registry-based data is immediately available for comparator analysis in critical reimbursement areas such as:

Hypertension | Asthma | Type 2 Diabetes | Dementia / Alzheimer’s Disease NASH / NAFLD | COPD | Chronic Renal Failure​ | CAD​ | Opthalmology Disease 

Understanding a patient or population risk, relative to disease and comorbidities through retrospective and predictive lenses, as they relate to associated costs and risks for future costs and needs provides invaluable comparator insight into practice or health system financial management. Providing well-defined patient registries, pre-defined datasets for common risk scores and pre-defined metrics for population stratification, iPatientAxis data analytics can help deliver better and more cost-effective patient care.

Longitudinal EMR data has been long recognized as a gold standard for patient data. iPatientAxis’ well-curated database, derived from over 19 million unique patient lives across the U.S., provides the clinical insights that claims data leaves out. In addition to all of the information that is later coded for reimbursement, iPatientAxis’ data contains details about the process of care, provider impressions of their patients, and volunteered patient concerns that may not have resulted in diagnoses. Available for purchase, dataset analyses include vital signs, medications, allergies, lab data, results, procedures and immunization histories. Customized datasets can be generated on a fee-for-purchase basis.

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