InventionShare's Circuit Seed Now Looking for Partners in IoT, Automotive, and Healthcare Sensor Applications for a Revolutionary Generation of Multipurpose Sensor Systems on Chip Designs

Next generation, low power, smaller sized integrated circuit designs in one universal programmable chip that will change the senor market.

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Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShareTM, announced today that the company has launched next generation, low power, smaller sized integrated circuit designs in one universal programmable chip that will revolutionize the IoT, automotive, and healthcare sensor market. The company is now looking for partners for Circuit SeedTM and Sensory SeedTM applications.  

Mr. Waite said that there are big changes in store for the sensor market. Current sensor designs require IC process extensions and numerous components - bulky active and passive devices including ICs with transistors, capacitors and inductors on and off chip - that add complexity which impact and drain the batteries in many sensors.

Circuit Seed and Sensory Seed designs offer a direct path to a revolutionary new generation of multipurpose sensor systems. These new circuit designs offer a common sensor platform for software-defined single chip sensors and fully integrated state-of-the art processing with analog sensor electronics, including high performance ADCs, DACs and wire/RF communications capability all within a single chip. These designs also offer lower power consumption and design ease and the flexibility of digital integration. Circuit Seed activates, calibrates and interrogates sensors with low noise and extremely high speed, while enabling a new class of very smart, long-term remote battery powered or RFID sensor modes.

Mr. Waite said, “Circuit Seed and Sensory Seed designs are the 'game changing' breakthroughs that most companies are looking for, especially with sensor applications required for medical, IoT and automotive market applications. By standardizing sensors to a high volume programmable chip for most applications we are able to provide our manufacturing partners with increased flexibility, lower design costs, increased reliability and, most of all, reduced size and power applications. We believe that in the next 18-24 months many companies will need to consolidate as they search for lower cost alternatives and greater manufacturing flexibility for the dynamic sensor applications for the automotive and medical market and the thousands of IoT products expected to use sensors."

InventionShare is interested in partnering with companies looking to offer the next generation of sensors, who want to innovate and offer new market alternatives, and who require sensor applications that can provide reduced power and smaller size, lower manufacturing and design costs that will be required for current and new IoT and medical product development.

For information on licensing, contact Keith Taylor at

For more media information, contact Kensel J. Tracy at or 613-225-7236 extension 116.  For more information on Circuit Seed, see

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