InventionShare Client AcceleRoute Announces Simulation Results for New Data Center Switch Architecture Designs

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today the AcceleRoute has now released simulation results for the next generation of data center switch designs providing the only architecture that supports bufferless optional switches and that provides load balancing as a network grows. AcceleRoute is a suite of data center architectural design inventions in nine product families, protected by 30 patents.

Mr. Waite said, “The AcceleRoute inventions are the next generation of data center switches with a new architecture improving scalability up to 1,000 times over current technology. Using the new patented designs means network connectivity can now be simplified, offering better throughput, lower power consumption and lower cost of ownership.” 

The technology was created by a very credible inventor and a former Nortel architect with 109 U.S. patents. The inventions are unique in that all the buffering is done at the edge nodes and not in the switch itself.  This provides a major advantage over existing switch designs as 100% of the data header traffic and 80% of the data payload traffic only take one hop through the switch. This is classified as a significant breakthrough as throughput for the same number of ports is increased by at least two times over current switch technologies.  

Mr. Waite said, “AcceleRoute is unlike current switches, because as network traffic increases, the switch automatically load balances under all conditions.  These switches are scalable to 32,000,000 ports or more - exceeding existing switch technologies, which is really outstanding.  This provides a real opportunity for companies looking for ways to increase processing speeds - AcceleRoute architectures can provide a unique way for a data center to process even more data, helping to reduce costs.”  

The modern data center has become an extremely complex place.  The proliferation of a vast number of new mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, the downloading of larger files, and streaming services such as Netflix are placing significant pressure on IT departments and data centers. End-user and customers’ expectation levels have never been higher, and the demand for data shows no sign of diminishing. Data center managers must manage these elements while, at the same time, remaining efficient and keeping costs under control.  Each time these centers add more switches, they add to the complexity and reduced performance. Acceleroute solves several of these problems.

Mr. Waite said, “Now that the simulation results for new data center switch architecture designs are available, companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM - and the dozens of others trying to dominate this space - can have a unique competitive advantage. AcceleRoute provides an opportunity for one company to acquire the latest inventions which are protected by a solid patent portfolio, along with a library of proven simulation results.”

InventionShare is now looking for partners interested in acquisition or partnerships to further the growth of AcceleRoute. For more information, contact Kensel J. Tracy or for licensing discussions contact Keith Taylor, Vice President Acquisition & Licensing at 613-225-7236 extension 135.

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