Introducing the Wearable Chair, the Chair That Can Be Worn and Allows for Instant Leg, Joint, and Hip Relief

Wearable Chair, an exoskeleton type suit for the lower body, has launched a new Indiegogo campaign to introduce their first product that allows users to sit anywhere, anytime.

Wearable Chair straps onto a user’s hips, thighs, and calves allowing the freedom of walking comfortably while also allowing users to sit anywhere they please. The product is composed of high-grade aluminum for the exoskeleton, leather for butt and thigh support, and nylon for comfortable and expandable adjustments.

For those that work out in a field, in a factory, or have to stand all day, standing for long periods of time can become extremely uncomfortable and tiring. This can ultimately lead to issues with the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal disorders, vein issues, joint issues, etc.

Working in an environment where there’s constant movement also leads to fatigue of the lower body and carrying around a chair or stool is not possible because of the constant movement. By using Wearable Chair, instant relief is provided to joints and hips while also maintaining posture at an exemplary position of 120 degrees between the thighs and waist.

Wearable chair is good for those that work in retail, service industry, agriculture, assembly lines, etc. and helps prevent herniated discs, musculoskeletal disorders, hip/knee diseases, and varicose veins.

Wearable Chair was developed based on personal experience by the creator after working in the service industry and standing for extended periods of time. Experiencing this fatigue prior to starting his professional career, the creator wanted to see his vision come to life before it was too late and chose crowdfunding as a means for initial market testing.  

The chair comes in 5 different size depending on individual calf length. Check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

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