Introducing ClairB, the Portable Air Purifier That Utilizes Dual Filtration Technology

Clair, a developer of personal and home-use air purifiers, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to introduce their newest and first portable model, ClairB.

ClairB utilizes Clair's patented Magnetic Air Filtration (MAF) technology that includes two stages: a plasma ionizer and an electret film filter. Using this dual-stage system, ClairB exceeds HEPA standards by achieving 99.97% filtration efficiency and eliminating contaminant particles as small as 0.1 micrometer (μm). MAF Technology was also found to not only remove micro dust particles but also viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and even harmful chemicals.

ClairB's air filtration system consists of two stages that work in conjunction: a charging stage and a trapping stage. First, the plasma ionizer polarizes incoming particles. As chemical molecules and other biological agents enter the charging section they collide with ions, thereby gaining that ion's static charge. In this polarized state, contaminants become naturally attracted to ClairB's electret filter. The attraction occurs because the filter is made of a wound polypropylene film, which is a self-charging electrostatic material. The wound design also maximizes total filter area making it nearly twelve times larger than that of a standard mini-HEPA filter. Greater total filter area is increased area space to trap particles while also making filter replacement much less frequent.

About the size of a coffee tumbler, ClairB is extremely portable and was designed to be carried around. Running at 5 volts, ClairB can be connected to a computer, a smartphone charger, the cigar jack in a car, or portable power bank. ClairB maximizes its utility when carried around and utilized from small area to small area such as an office, baby's room, car or any other personal space. With an 180o swivel head, the head portion can be pointed to provide fresh and clean air in any direction. 

Clair is the portable and effective air filtration system packaged into a minimalist but stylish design.

Clair has partnered with KSEED, a crowdfunding intermediary service agency that specializes in creating and marketing campaigns for startups. 

Check out their Kickstarter campaign currently running here.

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