International Association of Women Recognizes Eileen Franco as a 2021-2022 Influencer

Eileen Franco, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach at Radiant Wellness Co., joins networking organization.

The International Association of Women (IAW) recognizes Eileen Franco as a 2021-2022 Influencer. She is acknowledged as a leader in entrepreneurship. The International Association of Women is a global in-person and online networking platform with more than 100 local chapters, international chapters and 1000-plus in-person and virtual events.

Eileen Franco had a highly successful career in corporate America as a Program and Project Manager. But after more than 35 years, she experienced some serious health issues and soon realized this was no longer the right path for her. She chose instead to make a career change.

"I started in this industry due to a health breakdown I experienced from a new role I assumed at the same time I experienced the midlife changes our body goes through as women," Ms. Franco said. As she focused on her own health, she joined the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) Holistic Wellness Coach program. She became certified in June 2020 and founded Radiant Wellness Co.

"I empower businesswomen struggling with hormonal imbalances (perimenopause/menopause) such as brain fog, fatigue and hormonal weight with natural tools and strategies to reverse those symptoms, among others," she said. "I help my clients create a holistic and healthier lifestyle to rebalance their body and transform their well-being.

"As a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach I use the IAWP CORE coaching method to help clients reach their wellness goals," Ms. Franco continued. "Our intent is to find the underlying cause and work with their healthcare professionals to ensure our clients' results are sustainable and transformative."

Ms. Franco admits that ensuring clients are committed to the plan devised for their success, and getting to know each person and what her body needs to reach holistic wellness, can sometimes be challenging, but she is never discouraged. "What's most rewarding is the ability to serve something bigger than me and being able to make a difference in other people's lives," she said.

As for her future goals, Ms. Franco hopes to create a community of like-minded women whose priority is self-care and improving their well-being naturally. "I plan to help and support them as they embark on a journey to holistic wellness," she said. "My other goals are to spread the message of holistic wellness to women around the world and to travel to different parts for retreats. I also hope to work with SBO and companies to create a space for holistic wellness specifically for women going through this life-changing transition."

An active member of the IAW's Hudson County Local Chapter, Ms. Franco will next speak at the Chapter's Fireside Chat on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Education & Accomplishments: Bachelor of Science, Nyack College, Organizational Management; Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, International Association of Wellness Professionals, Holistic Wellness; Project Management Institute, Certified Project Manager Professional; Certified Scrum Master, Learning Tree; Certified Gravity Yoga Instructor; Licensed Life Producer for Primerica

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