International Association of Women Recognizes Ebonie Nolan as a 2021-2022 Influencer

Ebonie Nolan, Life Insurance Agent & Financial Consultant at Variety Insurance Protection, joins networking organization

The International Association of Women (IAW) recognizes Ebonie Nolan as a 2021-2022 Influencer. She is acknowledged as a leader in entrepreneurship. The International Association of Women (IAW) is a global in-person and online networking platform with more than 100 local chapters, International Chapters, and 1000+ in-person and virtual events.

Ebonie Nolan had all intentions of becoming a nurse but then changed her career path. "I had almost completed all my clinical rounds only to discover I had more interest in how a hospital is run from the backend," she said. "This led me to change my career goals and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration." Unfortunately, the university she attended closed three years into her studies, but Ms. Nolan was undeterred. "Many of my credits were not transferable, but I was able to obtain two associate degrees: An Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science, along with some business courses," she added.

Ms. Nolan began her career in the insurance field and eventually obtained an Insurance Adjuster License on the advice of a former supervisor. "However, as I obtained my license, I thought it would be wise to obtain my Life & Health Insurance License as well because I wanted to really be out in the community and not just work for an insurance company," she said.

Eventually, Ms. Nolan realized that there were many people, especially in her own community, who had little or no knowledge about life insurance, i.e., how to obtain it, the different types that were available and how to choose the products that best fit their financial needs.

To address this, Ms. Nolan made the bold decision to open her own insurance company. In 2011, after working in the insurance industry for 10 years, she founded Variety Insurance Protection. "I educate my clients on wealth building and how to secure or create a safe retirement using life insurance products, and I help them see the advantages of having an estate plan vs a will," she said. "I will continue to live by this motto: Leave your loved ones with hope of a future not debt," she added.

Although she admits there are challenges in her career such as keeping up with ever-changing insurance industry trends, rules and regulations, she perseveres. "There are many changes daily, monthly and annually, and especially those due to the Covid-19 pandemic but I still find it very rewarding to be able to assist my clients with the right products to fit their financial needs and goals," she said.

As to the future, Ms. Nolan is currently working towards running a full-service agency on a full-time basis. 

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