Inspire Investing Welcomes Timothy Plan to Biblically Responsible ETF Market

Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) market expands as new exchange traded funds from Timothy Plan join those from Inspire Investing to broaden options for Christian investors.

Biblically Responsible Investing movement expanding

The Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) movement continues its rapid expansion. Demand from Christian investors desiring to align their portfolios to support biblical values has powered asset growth among fund companies and advisory firms focused on providing biblically responsible investment solutions.

Recently, Ambassador Advisors, a $520 million advisory firm serving the Christian investor market, made headlines by converting all of their assets under management to align with biblically responsible investing best practices in recognition that investors want alignment of their investments with their deeply held values and beliefs, and that sound biblical stewardship necessitates integration of biblical values into portfolio design and management.

Additionally, Inspire Investing, a global leader in the biblically responsible investing movement, has increased assets under management from $250 million to over $400 million since the beginning of the year, and was nominated as a finalist for “Best Thematic ETF of the Year” award in the annual Awards.

Timothy Plan ETF Launch

And now that growth in demand has prompted yet another increase, this time in the supply side of the market with the launch of new biblically responsible ETFs from Timothy Plan.

Timothy Plan is a long-standing leader in the BRI marketplace and offers a fully diversified suite of mutual funds all designed to support biblical values. Now they are joining fellow Christian Investment Forum member, Inspire Investing, as providers of exchange traded funds aligned with those same biblical values.

“We whole-heartedly welcome our friends at Timothy Plan into the biblically responsible ETF market,” says Robert Netzly, CEO of Inspire Investing, “The BRI movement is spreading like wildfire around the globe, and we need more high-quality, innovative, BRI solutions introduced to effectively serve this vast market and truly transform the way every Christian invests around the world for the glory of God.”

How Big Is The Christian Investment Marketplace?

The size of the Christian investment market in the United States is estimated at over $21 trillion, according to research conducted by Inspire Investing. This marketplace includes investors identified by researchers as “Evangelical,” “Catholic” and “Mainline Protestant,” and is based on data sourced from Pew Research, Economic Policy Institute and the US Census.

Notably, this number includes only retirement assets such as 401(k) and IRA accounts, indicating the actual figure could be much higher if non-retirement investment assets were included.

Using the same data set, the total US investor marketplace of retirement assets, including faith-based and non-faith-based investors, is approximately $31.4 trillion dollars in size. Data from the Investment Company Institute’s “2018 Investment Company Fact Book” pegs total US retirement assets at $28.2 trillion at the end of calendar year 2017, adding confidence that these numbers are reliably close.

“The Wall Street establishment has no idea about the size and magnitude of the Christian investor market,” added Netzly. “Most secular firms dismiss Christian investors as an obscure, irrelevant niche population. But the reality is that Christian investors control more than two-thirds of the retirement assets in the United States, and this sleeping giant is beginning to wake up to biblically responsible investing.”

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