Infinite Promotional Solutions Offering College Internships

Infinite Promotional Solutions is offering internships to college students to gain experience in the sales and marketing industry.

The Infinite Promotional Solutions team is dedicated to being a leader in their field. To accomplish this goal, they need to find and retain top talent, asserted Megan, the company President. This means developing relationships with colleges and universities to identify the best young professionals. An intern program is a highly effective way to attract and vet potential team members.

“This is a win-win situation,” Megan said. “We offer college students a way to learn from industry veterans while also building connections. It is also a chance for us to see these young professionals in action. We can help them grow to be world-class sales and marketing specialists. In most cases, we invite them to join our team once they graduate.”

"We offer college students a way to learn from industry veterans while also building connections."



According to Megan, young professionals are perfect for Infinite Promotional Solutions. They have the drive and positivity necessary to fit into the culture. Additionally, they are always ready to learn, a quality Megan and her team value. She added that prior experience and skills are helpful but not necessary due to the company’s training program.

“We have set ourselves up to be able to train anyone how to be successful at sales and marketing,” she explained. “We can’t teach someone how to care about his or her work, however. Young people come to us with so much drive and energy. That is why we often look to recent graduates to become  team members.”

The company’s training program is focused on mentorship. Each new associate is paired with an experienced team member. The veteran teaches the new person the ins and outs of the industry. This mentorship is supplemented by workshops and training conferences. In short, anyone who joins the Infinite Promotional Solutions team will be set up to achieve his or her professional goals.

Infinite Promotional Solutions’ President Discusses Green Energy

One of the most significant benefits to joining the Infinite Promotional Solutions team is the opportunity to work in the green technology space, indicated Megan. The company’s main partner is Inspire Energy, an innovative brand focused on helping people use more renewable energy.

“The name is perfect, it is a truly inspirational mission,” Megan said. “I think this will resonate particularly well with young people coming out of college. Millennials tend to connect with the Inspire Energy purpose on a deep level. This is a great opportunity for them to advance their careers while doing something meaningful.”

She added that anyone interested in an internship or joining the team should apply via the company website,

About Infinite Promotional Solutions:

Infinite Promotional Solutions is a full-service marketing firm with a focus on results. Their skilled team members pool years of expertise, which they use to build interactive sales campaigns that boost brand value and awareness. Their unique approach ensures greater buy-in and market reach. The firm’s history of success has led to fast movement into new regions and greater connections with varied public segments to build strong brand growth. The team is also loyal to a set of core values that allows them to rise above the rest. To find out more about how they help products succeed, visit


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