Infinite Promotional Solutions Expands Market Reach

Infinite Promotional Solutions is moving into northwest New Jersey. The firm's President discussed the move and the positive team culture that helps the company exceed its ambitious growth goals.

“We’re always looking for ways to broaden Infinite Promotional Solutions’ influence in the marketplace,” stated Megan, the firm’s President. “It’s an exciting time around our office because we’ve embarked on a new expansion effort. Danielle, one of our managers, will be leading a new office in northwest New Jersey. She’ll be bringing her own team to the new location to maximize its potential.”

The new location will be up and running by the end of May or early June. There are already several new campaigns ready to be launched as soon as Danielle and her team are in place. Megan added, “We won’t waste any time taking our unique interactive promotions into northwest New Jersey. I have full confidence in our branding experts’ abilities to take this expansion venture and run with it.”

This move into a new market will mean a range of advancement opportunities for members of Team Infinite Promotional Solutions. “The expansion will put us in position to promote several new managers in the weeks and months to come,” the President noted. “We’ll also need an infusion of new talent to keep up with our aggressive expansion goals. It’s a great time to join our family.”

"We're always looking for ways to broaden Infinite Promotional Solutions' influence in the marketplace,"



Infinite Promotional Solutions’ President on the Company’s Supportive Team Atmosphere

A main reason for Infinite Promotional Solutions’ ongoing growth is its inspiring work culture. Megan remarked, “We’re committed to giving our branding experts all the resources they need to fulfill their potential. Ongoing education is one of the most important elements of our team culture. Our theory is that there’s always something new to learn, so we provide group training sessions, internal seminars, and other opportunities for our people to keep adding to their skill sets.”

Various team-building activities also support the overall work atmosphere at Infinite Promotional Solutions. In-office competitions provide extra motivation for the firm’s branding experts to perform at their best. “We attach all kinds of rewards to these contests,” Megan added. “It’s great to watch our people’s competitive sides emerge. They collaborate even more smoothly after an office contest.”

Travel events help the firm’s promotional specialists stay highly engaged as well. Team members have the opportunity to earn trips of all varieties, from networking conferences to exotic retreats. Megan concluded, “These incentives are great ways for us to show appreciation for our team’s hard work and dedication. The fact that they expand their horizons every time they travel together is just icing on the cake.”

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Infinite Promotional Solutions is a full-service marketing firm with a focus on results. Their skilled team members pool years of expertise, which they use to build interactive sales campaigns that boost brand value and awareness. Their unique approach ensures greater buy-in and market reach. The firm’s history of success has led to fast movement into new regions and greater connections with varied public segments to build strong brand growth. The team is also loyal to a set of core values that allows them to rise above the rest. To find out more about how they help products succeed, visit

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