Infinite Promotional Solutions Growing Company Reach in 2018

The Infinite Promotional Solutions team is looking forward to 2018 and plans to make it the best year yet. Company President, Megan, asserted that they will be growing both their reach and team size.

​Since first opening their doors, Team Infinite Promotional Solutions has seen a lot of success thanks to their hard work, stated Megan. However, she and her team are never fully satisfied and want to make 2018 even better than any year yet. So, they are setting their plans for expanding the firm’s territory and adding new people to the company.

“We are focusing on 50 new expansions around the country with the help of other local industry leaders,” Megan said. “Realizing all this growth will be a major achievement for our organization in the coming year. We are confident about our ability to drive that growth; however, there is no doubt we will need some new talent to make this objective a reality.”

To ensure Infinite Promotional Solutions’ success in the coming months of expansion, which will focus on the East Coast and Midwest of the United States, Megan and her management team will be seeking new professionals to join the company. She indicated that they are looking for talented, passionate, and hard-working individuals.

"We are focusing on 50 new expansions around the country with the help of other local industry leaders,"



“Naturally, prior consulting and marketing experience is valuable,” she said. “However, our primary focus is on finding people with the right attitude for success in our field. It takes fortitude, energy, and, above all, a love of the work to achieve one’s goals. We offer in-depth training, so people can apply regardless of experience level. The main thing we are looking for is that passion for growth.”

She encouraged anyone interested in a lucrative career in the customer acquisition industry to apply via the company’s website.

Infinite Promotional Solutions’ President Discussed Goal Setting

The Infinite Promotional Solutions team’s expansion plans for 2018 are indicative of the strategic goals they regularly set, according to Megan. She indicated that they regularly gather to identify what they hope to achieve in the near future. During these meetings, they strive to find objectives that, while being obtainable, will stretch them beyond their comfort zones.

“This tendency toward audacity keeps our company growing,” she continued. “Our expectations for earnings, team growth, community outreach, etc. are all set based on what we think is the very best we are capable of. In many cases, we’ll even push beyond what we think is realistic. This mind-set of not settling is exactly why we will be continuing to accelerate our national expansion next year.”

About Infinite Promotional Solutions

Infinite Promotional Solutions is a full-service marketing firm with a focus on results. Their skilled team members pool years of expertise, which they use to build interactive sales campaigns that boost brand value and awareness. Their unique approach ensures greater buy-in and market reach. The firm’s history of success has led to fast movement into new regions and greater connections with varied public segments to build strong brand growth. The team is also loyal to a set of core values that allows them to rise above the rest. To find out more about how they help products succeed, visit

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