Infinite Promotional Solutions Attends Growth-Focused Event

The President of Infinite Promotional Solutions detailed a recent leadership conference and the benefits it offered team members. She also highlighted a few of her best tips for productive business travel.

​Branding experts from Infinite Promotional Solutions recently traveled to Manhattan for a leadership conference. “This event put our people in touch with some of the best in the business,” stated Megan, the firm’s President. “It was a great chance to learn about the different paths successful people have taken to get where they are. Our team members came back home inspired to apply what they learned to their daily efforts.”

The networking potential provided by the Manhattan conference was considerable. Megan added, “There were influential leaders and top performers from all across the country in attendance. Our branding experts were able to expand their networks in meaningful ways, adding valuable sources of advice to bolster their Infinite Promotional Solutions career journeys.”

Team members also had the chance to tighten their bonds during the trip to New York City. “Traveling together helps our people learn more about each other’s unique personality traits and shared interests,” Megan remarked. “They also get a better feel for how innovative our on-site sales promotions are when they discuss best practices and emerging techniques with their peers from other markets.”

"This event put our people in touch with some of the best in the business,"



Infinite Promotional Solutions’ President Offers Advice for Smoother Business Trips

Megan has a few simple bits of advice she shares with members of Team Infinite Promotional Solutions before every team travel event. The first is to bring healthy snacks, especially if there’s a long flight involved. She stated, “It can be tough to find anything wholesome to eat at the airport, so bringing along some trail mix or granola bars is always a good idea. Travel can also be dehydrating, so bottled water is also an essential companion. If you’re taking a long flight, an empty bottle you can fill before boarding is worth packing.”

Having the right clothing for leisure or exercise also makes every business trip more comfortable. “We try to take in everything a city has to offer when we travel as a team,” Megan added. “There’s usually a lot of walking involved, so having the right shoes is a must. I also encourage our branding experts to pack some workout clothes, because most hotels offer well-appointed gyms.”

More than anything, Megan wants team members to get full value out of whatever industry events are on the Infinite Promotional Solutions travel calendar. This means knowing the schedules well in advance. She commented, “There are many worthwhile speeches and sessions at the events we attend. Our team members need to study the itineraries to make sure they don’t miss anything.”

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