Independent Oncology Networks Join Forces to Evolve Cancer Care by Launching Exigent Research

A new venture from the National Cancer Care Alliance (NCCA) and Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA)


Building on the QCCA Research Network, the National Cancer Care Alliance (NCCA) and Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA) have jointly launched Exigent Research, a company comprised of 25 independent, like-minded community oncology practices who firmly believe that the best outcomes occur when patients are able to receive the highest quality and most innovative care in their own community. That means connecting patients to the most advanced clinical trials, the most effective treatments, and the highest quality care without patients having to travel to large medical centers outside of their communities.

By supporting these independent oncology practices, which currently care for more than 1.8 million patients, Exigent Research is designed to provide centralized services that expedite access to clinical trials for their patient populations. By centralizing services like contracting, budgeting, and central IRB, Exigent Research brings clinical trials to member practices more quickly and more efficiently than they can access through more traditional networks. "We've been working hard to develop a proprietary centralized data warehouse supported by advanced technology that allows us to utilize real-time data coming from our practices every day so that we can better support the patients that need our care faster, smarter, and much more optimally than ever before. As a result, times for enrollment into clinical trials are drastically reduced, creating a lifesaving advantage and democratizing clinical research for all patients regardless of where they live," according to Sibel Blau, MD, President/CEO, of the new entity. 

Using unique technology at its highest potential, Exigent Research enhances each member practice's capabilities by helping to identify eligible national, regional, and local clinical trials and helps add patients to the trials more efficiently than an individual practice member would need to support the same process. Barbara McAneny, NCCA's Chairperson and Former President of AMA, states, "Our new venture brings together the best of the highly personalized care that independent oncology practices have to offer to our patients and combines it with the resources of an extensive national network. As a result, we are able to support Phase I-IV, first-in-human, pragmatic and accelerated trials on demand (ATOD) that directly benefit patient populations. We are now able to centralize the key element of successful clinical trials - increasing access to them - while decreasing the administrative burden on our practices, thereby increasing the total number of patients eligible for all levels of clinical trials."

By partnering with industry, Exigent Research expects to continue to develop its capabilities and provide access to a large network of independent practices that are devoted to providing clinical research at the point of care, in their communities.

For further information please contact: Sibel Blau, MD, President/CEO, Exigent Research,

Source: Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network