Sports Inc. 2000 Anticipates Trends for 2014 Holiday Season

The team at Sports Inc. 2000 is preparing for the season by analyzing market trends and crafting timely promotions. They are dedicated to taking their clients to new heights during this busy time of the year.

​​​​As Paul, Sports Inc. 2000’s director of operations, explained, “We work with customers every day to provide quality products and help spread messaging about them for our clients. This year, we are watching out for these highly-anticipated trends to help us make the most of the holiday season.”

The Sports Inc. 2000 team always welcomes the final months of the year and all the bustling holiday-related activity that comes along with them. It seems that the holiday shopping season kicks off a little earlier every year, and the company is always keen to apply related market trends to relevant promotions.

"Research shows that, on average, consumers spend more than 15 hours researching on mobile sites and apps over the course of the season. Shoppers are truly more connected and informed than ever before."

Paul, Director of Operations

Paul pointed out that consumers are expected to spend around $650 billion throughout the holidays this year, and the Sports Inc. 2000 team understands that many shoppers are turning to their mobile devices both for researching products and for making purchases. As Paul commented, “Research shows that, on average, consumers spend more than 15 hours researching on mobile sites and apps over the course of the season. Shoppers are truly more connected and informed than ever before.”

The upside of these well-informed consumers for companies is that they also tend to be open-minded when it comes to brands. In other words, they’re impressionable when making their buying decisions. A recent survey indicated that 57% of shoppers don’t have a specific brand or even product in mind when they begin their holiday spending ventures. The leadership team at Sports Inc. 2000 is dedicated to capitalizing on this unique dynamic and driving the brands they represent to great heights.

Along with the increasingly savvy nature of consumers, the Sports Inc. 2000 team also recognizes how long the shopping season has become. There are no longer two or three major days for customers to find the best deals; many individuals begin their gift and bargain hunting just after Halloween. The firm stays vigilant throughout these months with aggressive and engaging promotional initiatives.

Sports Inc. 2000’s Team Focuses on Strategically Positioning Brands

Sports Inc. 2000’s team of marketing experts understands that consumers respond to compelling promotions that forge real connections. They also know that the holidays offer an ideal opportunity to position the brands they represent for maximum exposure. Paul explained, “Effective marketing is all about creating content that allows the public to know, like, and trust a brand. During the busiest shopping months of the year, we know how critical it is to put a brand in the front of consumers’ minds.”

The Sports Inc. 2000 team applies the latest research methods throughout the year to hone in on each client’s most receptive audience. By studying current market trends, the firm and their clients are poised for a highly successful holiday season.

About Sports Inc. 2000

Sports Inc. 2000 is the leading experiential promotions firm in Ridgefield Park. Their expert team of marketing analysts has the knowledge and experience to deliver interactive campaigns that generate increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and market share growth. The firm’s reputation for delivering professional representation has allowed them to expand into new regions, strengthening their ability to help businesses connect with their consumers through personalized, targeted promotions. They now operate several offices nationwide, giving them the necessary presence to reach different demographics and form profitable relationships with new businesses. By combining cutting-edge techniques with a commitment to core values, Sports Inc. 2000 stands alone as a marketing leader. To learn more, visit

About Sports Inc. 2000

Sports Inc. 2000 expands market share through highly-customized, targeted advertising initiatives for startups and Fortune 500s alike.

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