ilo Vapor™ Announces Intention to Present at the Arcview Evolution of Cannabis: 2020 Forum in New York City

ilo Vapor is to be one of the premier companies presenting at Arcview's Investment Forum, a premier investor-focused event this October 2 through 4 in New York City.

ilo Vapor is proud to announce its selection to present at the Arcview Investor Forum, to be held this October in New York City. ilo’s senior management will participate in the Ready to Invest™ event, where they will present live on stage to Arcview’s investment community.

Iconic Ventures, ilo’s parent company, is currently raising a $7.5M Series A funding round. Based on current commitments, prospective investor feedback, and the Arcview presentation opportunity, Iconic anticipates that the round will close before the end of 2019 and is likely to be oversubscribed.

“We are extremely honored to be recognized by the team at Arcview and look forward to sharing our unique story with their investment community,” said Ray Utech, VP Finance at ilo. “Their selection means a lot to our team and further validates the strong support we’re seeing from our distribution partners, investors, and consumers,” he continued.

On September 17, ilo was granted its first patent for a completely new vaporizer system, designed specifically to meet the needs of modern extract consumers. ilo's revolutionary vaporizer will be the core of a new product platform launching in 2019.

ilo is committed to the development of original concepts and has invested years into research and development pertaining to materials, chemistry and methods that are novel and compatible with concentrates and terpenes.

Through more than three years of R&D, ilo has gained comprehensive knowledge of the shortcomings of existing products and has vowed to set the industry on a new path. Ilo’s core products are made in America and designed and manufactured to three core principles: true vaporization, certified non-toxic materials, and an amazing consumer experience.

ilo’s patent portfolio has the potential to grow substantially, with more than a dozen patents pending in the U.S. with additional patent applications planned before the end of 2019.

“ilo has worked diligently since early 2016 to develop vaporization alternatives for concentrate and extract consumers,” said Michael Lindars, Co-founder and CEO of Iconic Ventures. He continued, “In light of the recent news reports about vape-related illness, we could not think of a better time to premiere our new clean cartridge technology at the Arcview event.”

In addition to new technologies, ilo is also known for the DabTabs™ platform, which allows cannabinoid producers to provide vaporizable concentrates and extracts to consumers without the need for diluents, adulterants, or other additives that can come with traditional cartridge delivery. The DabTabs and DabTabs GO lines are currently available in California, Nevada, Maryland, Washington, and Oregon, with at least six additional states coming online before the end of 2019.


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Founded in 2016, iloTM Vapor, a division of Iconic Ventures Inc., has been quietly developing groundbreaking new technology for cannabis consumption, engineering innovative products that deliver unparalleled vaporization experiences. ilo Vapor is a Portland, Oregon-based technology, brand, and product development company engineering patented and patent-pending vaporization technology devices and solutions through cutting-edge technology and innovative design.


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