Ilo Vapor™ Announces Launch and Immediate Availability of Levätä™ - a Premium CBD Wellness Brand Focused on Extraordinary Quality and Convenience

Launch features the Levätä CBD Kit containing everything consumers need to get started, including 500mg of premium CBD, for a MSRP of $59.99 // Levätä utilizes only hemp-derived CBD isolate with zero THC and no artificial flavorings or other additives // Levätä leverages ilo Vapor's DabTabs™ technology to provide in a tested and certified toxin-free ceramic 'doseable'

Levätä CDB Kit Package

​​Iconic Ventures, Inc., the parent company of ilo Vapor™, is pleased to announce the launch of its Levätä CBD wellness brand. Levätä, meaning “to take rest,” is a brand focused on convenience, quality, and consumer well-being.

The Levätä product line announced today provides CBD consumers with a clean, convenient, and rigorously tested alternative to traditional cartridges and pod systems. Levätä products are combustion-, toxin-, and lead-free – providing a truer and healthier experience. 

“CBD has tremendous potential to improve wellness in a variety of areas and consumers deserve access to it without additives,” said Michael Lindars, Co-founder and CEO at ilo Vapor. He continued, “We are proud to offer consumers convenient, affordable access to high-quality CBD through Levätä.”

Levätä Product Line and Pricing

Available now, the Levätä product line consists of the CBD Kit and CBD Doseables package.

The Levätä CBD Kit contains a rechargeable All-in-One heating device and 10 CBD doseables, each containing 50mg of hemp-derived CBD. The Levätä All-in-One is based on ilo’s popular DabTabs Go™ device technology, which is the only device of its kind that is designed for an optimal experience. This patent-pending technology virtually eliminates combustion while allowing the full-spectrum of flavor to come through. The CBD doseables contained in the Kit are supplied in a certified child-resistant storage container.

Levätä’s CBD Doseables package contains 20 CBD doseables for a total of 1000mg of CBD per package. As with the CBD Kit, CBD doseables are supplied in a certified child-resistant storage container. CBD doseables retain the full-flavor, full-spectrum qualities of CBD for a superior experience over traditional cartridges or pod systems.

“We have aggressively priced the Levätä product line to provide as many CBD consumers as possible with a high-quality, affordable alternative to traditional cartridges or pods,” said Ray Utech, VP of Finance at ilo Vapor. He continued, “Levätä’s CBD Doseables package is priced at the equivalent to $0.04 per mg of CBD, a price point that is extremely competive.”

The CBD Kit and CBD Doseables are available immediately with MSRPs of $59.99 and $39.99 respectively. Initial distribution channels for Levätä include and select national and local specialty CBD retailers. Additional channels in North America and Internationally are planned throughout the remainder of 2019.

“We are thrilled to make Levätä available to CBD consumers looking for extraordinary quality at very attractive price points,” said Greg Lynch, President and Sales Director at ilo Vapor. He continued, “Our initial distribution will be augmented by additional channels worldwide in the coming months.”

About DabTabs Technology

Levätä doseables utilize ilo’s DabTabs technology – a clean, convenient ceramic tablet made from biologically inert, natural minerals that contain full-spectrum concentrates and extracts without the need for thinners, thickeners, or other additives that can come with traditional cartridge delivery. By using DabTabs, cannabis & hemp extract and concentrate manufacturers are able to provide consumers with a clean, convenient, and rigorously tested alternative to cartridges or pod systems. 

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About ilo Vapor

Founded in 2016, ilo Vapor, a division of Iconic Ventures Inc., has been quietly developing groundbreaking new technology for cannabis consumption, engineering innovative products that deliver unparalleled experiences. ilo Vapor is a Portland, Oregon based technology, brand, and product development company engineering patented & patent-pending vaporization technology devices and solutions through cutting-edge technology and innovative design.


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