iConnectEngineers™: Keeping Status Quo is No Longer an Option

​​Inspired by the following Mahatma Gandhi quote: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” iConnectEngineers™ is continuing its quest to transform how engineers connect, view and share content.

“Keeping the status quo was no longer an option,” said Keely Badger, media relations professional with iConnectEngineers™. “Our hope is to create an environment where it is possible to unleash an engineer’s mind and spirit for creativity and compassion at every level and become global engineers.”

"Our hope is to create an environment where it is possible to unleash an engineer's mind and spirit for creativity and compassion at every level and become global engineers."

Keely Badger, Media Relations, iConnectEngineers™

Since launching its innovative engineering website five months ago, the company has started a video Conversation Series that highlights key influencers and innovators, such as best-selling author, futurist and keynote speaker on the Future of Work, Jacob Morgan.  

“We are passionate innovators and problem solvers with a wealth of experience and strong technical expertise,” said Badger. “By taking a holistic and mindful approach to engineering, our mission is to promote work-life integration, a culture of collaboration and a positive work environment to break down silos and move away from a ‘fixed’ mindset to a ‘growth’ mindset.”

Badger explained that the company takes a unique approach to assist engineers across all disciplines with a variety of services. These are personalized for every engineering organization, regardless of size or focus. iConnectEngineers™ recently debuted its services at the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) Conference in San Diego, CA in October. 

“We were extremely impressed with the professionalism iConnectEngineers™ provided at the CMAA National Conference & Trade Show," said Mark Gedris, CMAA VP of marketing. "Their social media coverage played a big role in our conference communication plan and helped us connect with our target audience. iConnectEngineers™ ' live social media coverage generated over 1,000,000+ impressions for our conference speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors combined.” 

“We take pride in the fact that our client support team stays up-to-date about current and future trends in the industry,” said Badger. “By building partnerships with innovators in complementary industries, we are able to work closely with your organization and share best practices.”  

The company regularly highlights relevant industry topics on its website and social media platforms with blogs, news and events.

“We also take corporate social responsibility very seriously by supporting organizations and initiatives that are committed to advancing the global community in the spirit of humanity and basic human rights,” said Badger. “At iConnectEngineers™, we believe when engineers connect, share, integrate and lead, we can improve our communities and make the world a better place.”

Some of the unique services the company provides include:

New Contract Opportunities: iConnectEngineers™ provides access to government agencies, specific county/city’s listings of Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Quantification (RFQ)/Bid and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) information. We also link to HUB airports in the U.S. and their RFP/RFQ/Bid information. iConnectEngineers™ provides flexible subscription options, which offer many benefits for companies.

PM/CM Elevate Program: A comprehensive training program for public agencies and consulting firms is offered by iConnectEngineers™ in preparation for using Program Management and Staff Augmentation (PM/CM) support services.

Website Design: The team can assist with website design and maintenance, social media marketing and branding.

Leadership Development: The company offers broad engineering and non-engineering related services such as acquisition and merger transition, leadership coaching, team building, and mindfulness engineering.

Digital Marketing: iConnectEngineers™ dynamically builds and delivers an online advertisement for your company to help you connect with your target audience. This is ideal when establishing an online presence.

Post A Job: Looking for your next great hire? iConnectEngineers™ will post your job opening on its website and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Monthly billing terms are available.

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iConnectEngineers™ is committed to build long-lasting relationships with its clients. “We stay focused on your company’s story, listen carefully to fully understand your needs, while inspiring trust, loyalty and overall work performance in your business,” said Badger. “We passionately believe that when employees are connected, they are engaged and perform at their best, which will be a positive impact on your organization’s culture and turn profit into prosperity.”

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