Iatrixair (R) Exceeds CDC - Center for Disease Control Enhanced Strategies for Indoor Air Quality

iatrixAir, Inc. announces its indoor air quality solutions exceed the recent CDC's enhanced strategies for Indoor Air Quality for building owners and operators.


The CDC released recently enhanced strategies for building owners and operators and recommends the steps to take to improve ventilation and help prevent respiratory illnesses from spreading in indoor spaces. A layered approach that combines ventilation strategies with other infection prevention and control measures is recommended. With each added layer of protection, the risk of exposure to respiratory viruses decreases.

CDC Enhanced Strategies iatrixAir Indoor Air Solution Benefits
Five air exchanges per hour 10 to 12 air exchanges per hour Faster is safer
Upgrade to MERV12 filters Upgrade to HEPA H13 filters Hospital medical grade filters
Turn on HVAC fan Fast in space air exchanges 10%+ less electricity costs 
Bring in fresh air In space air exchanges Less energy costs, lower carbon footprint
Install air cleaners Advanced air exchangers Pushes air down in the space
Install UV light Advanced UV light engine Enclosed intense UV light
Install C02 sensors C02+12 air quality sensors Advanced C02 sensor to 50ppm
  AI-Machine learning based Automated and predictive

There are many approaches to removing airborne pathogens from indoor spaces on the market today and many agree in recent articles that indoor space ventilation is key or just open the window to "Wash the Air," according to Marc McConnaughey, President/CEO of iatrixAir.

"However, sometimes it is not practical to open the windows on cold or hot days or near areas where outdoor pollution is high or there are no windows at all such as in a commercial-public restroom or sports locker room," added McConnaughey. 

With advanced detection, protection, and information through AI-machine learning with data edge processing, secure cellular connection, cloud analytics, and near real-time alerts, safe and healthy air is possible without chemicals. Faster is Safer is iatrixAir's technology approach to surveilling and securing the air in assisted living, commercial-public restrooms, and sports locker rooms.

"Powerful light-based technologies will become the safest and cost-effective way to combat viruses, bacteria, and fungi/molds," according to Mr. McConnaughey. The young start-up is advocating an advanced, data-driven approach to stopping airborne pathogens using a combination of technologies which includes advanced detection and protection with faster air exchanges and first-pass inactivation.

ABOUT iatrixAir, Inc.

Established in March 2020, iatrixAir® uses AI-Machine Learning to detect and stop indoor air pathogens. By automating indoor air quality in commercial and public restrooms iatrixAir's patent-pending cellular-based air sensor gateway and exchanger detects, removes, and destroys airborne pathogens faster than industry standards.

For more information, visit: www.iatrixair.com.


Marc McConnaughey-President/iatrixAir      marcm@iatrixair.com

Henry Artime, Public Relations Contact        henryartime@gmail.com

Source: iatrixAir, Inc.