iatrixAir Announces 'Washing the Air Fast' as Faster is Safer

iatrixAir, Inc.

iatrixAir, Inc. announces fast, first-pass purification/disinfection air exchanges technology solutions for commercial/public restrooms and high school, college, and major league sports locker rooms.

There are many approaches to removing airborne pathogens from indoor spaces on the market today and many agree in recent articles that indoor space ventilation is key or recommend just opening the window to "Wash the Air," according to Marc McConnaughey, President/CEO of iatrixAir.

"However, sometimes it is not practical to open the windows on cold or hot days or near areas where outdoor pollution is high or there are no windows at all, such as in a commercial-public restroom or sports locker room," added McConnaughey. 

Some air solutions emit more chemicals, oxidates or ions into the air to attach to airborne pathogens or pollutants but, in many cases, they are not effective and may bring harmful side effects. iatrixAir takes a different "total space" approach with 16 sensor air quality measurements every 10 seconds and then with very fast air exchanges to completely disinfect and change the air, much like in a commercial airplane cabin.  

With advanced detection, protection and information through data edge processing, secure cellular connection, cloud analytics and near-real-time alerts, safe and healthy air is possible without chemicals. Faster is Safer is iatrixAir's technology approach to surveilling and securing the air in commercial-public restrooms and sports locker rooms.

"Powerful light-based technologies will become the safest and cost-effective way to combat viruses, bacteria, and fungi/molds," said McConnaughey. The young start-up is advocating an advanced, data-driven approach to stopping airborne pathogens using a combination of technologies which includes advanced detection and protection with faster air exchanges with first-pass inactivation. 

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ABOUT iatrixAir, Inc.

Established in March 2020, iatrixAir® automates indoor air quality in commercial and public restrooms through our patent-pending cellular-based air sensor gateway and exchanger that detects, removes, and destroys airborne pathogens faster than industry standards.

For more information, visit www.iatrixair.com

Henry Artime, Public Relations Contact

Source: iatrixAir, Inc.