Howser and Associates Merges With Sareen and Associates

Fourth Merger Announced By Sareen and Associates In The Past Three Months

Sareen and Associates of Manassas, VA is pleased to announce that Howser and Associates Ltd., a tax and accounting firm located in Springfield, VA has merged with the company.

The merger is effective immediately. The combined firm will operate under the Sareen and Associates company name. It is the fourth merger announced by the firm in the past three months.

Howser and Associates, located at 5411F Backlick Rd Springfield, VA 22151, has been in business since 1982. In that time, it earned a well-deserved reputation for excellent accounting and tax services.

Larry Howser, the president and owner of Howser and Associates, commented, “We have always done the best work we could for every single one of our clients since 1982, and that adds up to a lot of years of deadlines, great memories, great relationships and great service. I have no worries about how our clients will get serviced in the future with Sareen and Associates. I’ve seen a lot in my years in this business, and they are top-notch. It definitely makes the exit as owner easier.”

Arun Sareen, president of Sareen and Associates, stated, “We are always looking to increase both our client base and our geographic footprint within the United States, but it has to be a partner that shares our commitment to excellent service, and the same level of professional competencies we have developed over 25 years of providing tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting to our small business clients. I’m happy to say we found that professional services firm in Howser and Associates Ltd., and we couldn’t be more delighted with this union.

“And we are very happy to have a physical presence in the city of Springfield, which we consider a fantastic location. It’s a great area, and a great business environment for us since we can provide local service to many of our existing clients in that area.”

Mr. Sareen also commented, “It’s been apparent to us here at Sareen and Associates for some time that there are many, many accounting and tax firms that were started some time ago, and are still making money, but that now have difficulty meeting the current high bar of capital investment and technology expertise required to effectively compete in today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive environment. They do an honest assessment of their ability to continue to stay competitive going forward, and they come to us for a solution that benefits both firms. We have the capital to keep investing in the acquired business, the expertise to integrate and manage the business from an operational perspective, and, the familiarity with technology platforms and user technology to offer all our clients the best experience possible in terms of accounting, payroll and tax work.”

About Sareen and Associates: The company was started in 1993 by Arun Sareen with the original aim of simply turning around local small to mid-size businesses in the Washington, DC Metro area that were losing money. Sareen and Associates quickly grew into a professional CPA firm that offers tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting to clients in the U.S and abroad. There are seven offices in the U.S., and all those offices service clients nationally and globally.

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Source: Sareen and Associates


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