How a Top Model Should Dress for a Go-See:

Model Promoter gives the best advice on how a top model should dress for a go-see.

If a new model wants to make it big, there are a few things she needs to learn how to do. And we're not talking about "smiling with her eyes" (sorry, Tyra). You see, it's not all about the art of modeling, but the business of modeling, as well. And go-sees are a big part of that.

Since a go-see is, essentially, an interview, you'll need to show up looking the part of a top model, if you want the client (a.k.a. the person who might hire you) to see you as such. From the clothes you wear to the amount of makeup you apply, your head-to-toe appearance could make or break your ability to land a job.

If you find yourself in the dark on the dos and don'ts of dressing for a go-see, you can count on to show you the light. With the help of May Anderson May Andersen and the editors of Marie Claire, Model Promoter has compiled a list of rules to turn that intimidating interview into a breeze. Well, at least as far as your appearance is concerned.

Rule #1: Less is more. May says, "I've seen young models show up for go-sees looking totally over the top in some crazy punk outfit. Clients only want to see you as a blank canvas so they can picture you in their clothes. Wear a fitted T-shirt or tank with skinny jeans or shorts."

Rule #2: Make sure you show off your body-in the right way. Short shorts are fine, but microminis will make you look like a streetwalker, which is never a good look. Of course, tight jeans are always a safe choice. May says, "A skinny pair will make your legs look longer." May also warns against wearing white. "It can make anyone look bigger," she says. "I favor all-black outfits, since they're slimming and work well for day or night." Whatever you do, just don't wear anything baggy or tent-like. The most important thing is for the client to be able to see what kind of frame they're working with.

Rule #3: Undergarments-just 'cause you can't see them, doesn't mean they go unnoticed. "Since you have to be prepared to try on all types of clothes-even bathing suits-always wear a Calvin Klein nude G-string, the industry staple given to the models at most major fashion shows," May advises. As for up top? "In this business, bras are optional."

Rule #4: Always have heels with you. "Heels give you better posture and show your client that you know how to walk in them," says May. What's more, splurging on a pair that are designer will dress up your simple outfit and give the impression that you're booking a lot of jobs. The more confident and successful you can appear, the more jobs you'll continue to book!

Rule #5: Give your face a make-under. May says, "Generally [wear] no makeup for high-fashion jobs, like runway and couture, though you might wear concealer and mascara for commercial clients, like a cosmetics company." Once that's done, you'll want to show off your clean, pretty look, so May says you should "pull your hair back so [the client] can see your face."

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