House Call and Telehealth App Announces EHR Integration

Opear MD partners with Health Gorilla to bridge the gap between digital and in-person care

Opear partners with Health Gorilla

Opear MD, a New York-based house call and telehealth platform, has announced a strategic partnership with industry leader Health Gorilla. Integrating Health Gorilla's "Patient360" product, Opear providers will gain instant access to patient data from over 65,000 care sites, enabling informed care and sustainable doctor-patient relationships. 

Opear's app enables patients to request house calls or telehealth appointments on-demand or in advance through a subscription pricing. Rather than pairing patients and providers randomly, Opear bridges the gap between digital and in-person care by allowing patients to choose their own provider.

"Telehealth doesn't have to be transactional," said Opear founder Michael Demetriou. "Unlike most telehealth platforms, Opear patients choose their own providers and appointment times. Virtual health shouldn't require you to sacrifice a personal relationship with a doctor who knows your health history, and partnering with Health Gorilla brings Opear one step closer to closing the gap between digital and in-person care." 

Health Gorilla has built a national FHIR data platform to continuously aggregate and provide permitted access to complete health data, including 70,000+ connected care sites, 750,000+ providers and 200+ million patients. Its network now represents 92% of the overall healthcare market and is continuing to grow. Its flexible platform across APIs, web, and mobile allows healthcare providers and patients the access they need to make more timely and informed healthcare decisions. 

"Our team at Health Gorilla is thrilled to be partnering with a company making such an impact on the telehealth and in-home healthcare industries',' said Steve Yaskin, Co-founder and CEO of Health Gorilla. "We wholeheartedly agree that telehealth should not jeopardize the relationship between patients and physicians, and are excited to see how the Patient360 platform can support Opear's services."

The 'Opear' and 'Opear for Providers' apps are available for free download for iOS and Android.

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Opear MD is a membership-based app for digital healthcare. Bridging the gap between online and in-person care, Opear allows patients to select their own provider for in-home or video exams, medical transportation, and prescription-writing needs. Since its launch in August 2019, Opear has expanded from serving New York State to families across the country.

Founded in 2014, Health Gorilla is a secure interoperability solution that enables the entire health care ecosystem - patients, payers, providers, digital health solutions, and labs - to seamlessly share health data and aggregate each patient's entire clinical history in one place. With enterprise-grade clinical data APIs, HIPAA-compliant user authentication, and an unparalleled master patient index, the Health Gorilla network makes it easy for providers to pull their patient's information from any clinical records system while ensuring adherence to the 21st Century Cures Act and to the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) standards that will go into effect in early 2022. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @HealthGorilla.

Source: Opear MD